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Tomi Joutsen
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Tomi Joutsen at Rockharz Open Air 2018
Background information
Born (1975-04-30) 30 April 1975 (age 45)
Lohja, Finland
Genres Melodic death metal, gothic metal, death metal, progressive metal, folk metal
Instruments Vocals, guitar, drums
Years active1995–
Labels Nuclear Blast (with Amorphis)
Associated acts Amorphis, Sinisthra, The Candles Burning Blue, Corpse Molester Cult, Hallatar

Tomi Joutsen (born 30 April 1975) is a Finnish musician, perhaps best known as the vocalist/frontman of the heavy metal band Amorphis (2005–), [1] although also a member of other metal bands including Corpse Molester Cult (2008-), as their guitarist and backing vocalist, and Hallatar (2017-), as their vocalist. He was formerly the vocalist for the bands Käsi / Funeral Jacket (1995-1999) and Nevergreen / Sinisthra (2002-2008) and the drummer for the bands The Candles Burning Blue and Feelings.


Joutsen performs both harsh and clean vocals, a contrast to the more traditional heavy metal and punk rock-style high-pitched vocals of the previous Amorphis singer, Pasi Koskinen. Joutsen's voice style is very deep, similar to gothic metal vocals in the vein of Nick Holmes' from Paradise Lost and Peter Steele of Type O Negative. [2]


Käsi / Funeral Jacket


  • Käsi - Demo (1995)
  • Käsi - EP (1997)

Funeral Jacket

  • Rock You Vol 1. (1999)

Nevergreen /Sinisthra



  • Last of the Stories of Long Past Glories (2005)
  • Sinisthra Promo 2008 (2008)


Corpse Molester Cult


Guest Vocalist

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