Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire

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Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire title card from episode 10
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Takara Tomy
Written by Takashi Yamada
Yoshimi Narita
Yasushi Hirano
Itaru Era
Mitsutaka Hirota
Mio Inoue
Directed by Akira Iwamoto
Hideki Oka
Kenzo Maihara
Junya Morita
Daishi Matsunaga
Toshimitsu Chimura
Yuichi Abe
Yoka Kusano
Starring Sho Kubo
Yu Kawada
Yu Nakamura
Kazuki Fukuyama
Masanori Mizuno
Masataka Fujishige
Shizuka Nakamura
Voices of Daisuke Gōri
Daisuke Kirii
Akeno Watanabe
Susumu Chiba
Reiko Takagi
Opening theme"Rescue Fire" by JAM Project
"Baku-Chin Kan-Ryo! Rescue Fire" by JAM Project
Ending theme"BURNING HERO" by Rey
"Rescue Taisō" by Hiroshi Kitadani
Composer(s) Toshihiko Sahashi
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes51
Running time22
Original network TV Aichi
TV Tokyo
Picture format 720p (HDTV)
Original releaseApril 4, 2009 (2009-04-04) 
March 27, 2010 (2010-03-27)
Preceded by Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
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Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire (トミカヒーロー レスキューファイアー, Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Faiā) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series based on Takara Tomy's Tomica toy car line. A sequel to Tomica Hero: Rescue Force , [1] Rescue Fire tells of another branch of the United Fire-Defense Agency that helps save people from Super-Fire created by demons seeking to make people suffer. This series marks the beginning as well as an end of a program franchise dubbed the Tomica Hero Series. The Tomica Hero story was concluded in the special stage production Nissan Haul Special Live Stage FINAL that featured the return of Obuchi, a new R4, and the return of the original R4.



The United Fire-Defense Agency/Rescue Fire

The Rescue Fire (レスキューファイアー, Resukyū Faiā) team is a newly formed special team called the Super-Fire Specialist Team (超火災特化部隊, Chōkasai Tokka Butai) in the United Fire-Defense Agency (世界消防庁, Sekai Shōbō Chō) or "UFDA", the organization behind the Rescue Force team. The Rescue Force team was sent overseas and is currently based in the Europe branch. The Rescue Fire team disbanded temporarily after the final battle in the last episode, only to be reassembled a year later. The artificial satellite Rescue Eye (レスキューアイ, Resukyū Ai) detects a Super-Fire. The Rescue Fire team is normally stationed at the Fire Phoenix (ファイアーフェニックス, Faiā Fenikkusu) in Tateishi City (楯石シティ, Tateishi Shiti). The Fire Phoenix can switch from Fortress Mode (フォートレスモード, Fōtoresu Mōdo) to flying Space Mode (スペースモード, Supēsu Mōdo) and assumes Spiral Highway (スパイラルハイウェイ, Supairaru Haiwei) when launching the Rescue Dashes. The Fire Phoenix Space Mode's Final Rescue is Freezing Cannon (フリージングキャノン, Furījingu Kyanon) which fires twin icy balls at the enemy to freeze them before a Phoenix Crash (フェニックスクラッシュ, Fenikkusu Kurasshu).


  • Naoshi Taiga (大河 直司, Taiga Naoshi): An archaeologist and Riku and Marimo's older brother, his hobby is to develop original tools while running the Taiga Archaeology Lab. He took orders from Osakabe and found out the slate about the Jakaen and the Ryudouken inside a pyramid in Egypt. Once acquiring it, he brought the tablet to Japan.
  • Asuka Taiga (大河 飛鳥, Taiga Asuka): Riku and Marimo's niece and Naoshi's daughter and assistant, she carries a pendant with a blue stone given by the elder in Mongolia that reawakes water dragons of the five Blue Pearls connected to the Ryudouken used to seal Donkaen.
  • Tatsugoro Megumi (恵 タツゴロウ, Megumi Tatsugorō, 4, 11, 38, 50-51): Yuma's father who is the foreman of a construction worker.
  • Yoshie Megumi (恵 ヨシエ, Megumi Yoshie, 4, 38, 50-51): Yuma's mother who runs the Megumiya (め組屋) monjayaki restaurant.
  • Jiro (ジロウ, Jirō, 4, 11, 51): Yuma's friend who is a construction worker and took Yuma's place in becoming the best at his company. He has a son named Teppei (テッペイ, Teppei, 4).
  • Mie (ミエ, Mie, 13, 25, 37-38, 45, 47-48, 51): Tatsuya's childhood friend from the Himawari School (ひまわり学園, Himawari Gakuen, Sunflower School) orphanage. When he meets her again, she has become a teacher at the school. She eventually becomes engaged to Tatsuya's dismay before he finally accepted it.
  • Rescue Force (レスキューフォース, Resukyū Fōsu): The team created to protect human lives from various disasters too extreme for normal rescue workers. By the time of Rescue Fire's formation, the Rescue Force team is transferred to the Europe branch. They fought a Super-Fire caused by Sakaen in London, eventually returning to Japan to help the Rescue Fire team out.
    • Hikaru Todoroki/R1 (轟 輝/R1, Todoroki Hikaru/Āru Wan, 37-38, 43-44): The last remaining member of the Rescue Force team before being transferred to Europe. He can assume the form of R1 Max (R1マックス, Āru Wan Makkusu).
    • R2 (R2, Āru Tsū, 37): A male member.
    • R3 (R3, Āru Surī, 37): A female member.
    • R4 (R4, Āru Fō, 37): A female member.
    • Eiji Ishiguro/R5 (石黒 鋭二/R5, Ishiguro Eiji/Āru Faibu, 18, 37-38): The leader of Rescue Force. Like the rest of his team, he is transferred to the Europe branch, welcoming Taiga during his visit.
  • Tetsunosuke Ikeya (池家 哲之助, Ikeya Tetsunosuke, 21): A former training instructor of the UFDA who runs the Beach House Tetchan (海のいえてっちゃん, Umi no Ie Tetchan).
  • Yukio Watari (航 ユキオ, Watari Yukio, 35, 38): Jun's father and the CEO of Watari Holdings (航ホールディングス, Watari Hōrudingusu) who wants Jun to quit the UFDA and succeed him as the CEO.
  • Kentaro (ケンタロウ, Kentarō, 40-42): Tama-chan's childhood friend who is a member of the Hyper Rescue Nagoya team.
  • Marimo Taiga (大河 マリモ, Taiga Marimo, 43): Riku and Naoshi's younger sister and Asuka's aunt who works on her parents' livestock farm.
  • Koji Misaki (岬 コウジ, Misaki Kōji, 46): A manga artist who is drawing a manga called Fire Rescue (ファイアーレスキュー, Faiā Resukyū) and a former fire fighter who was Tsubasa's senpai until an accident rendered him to a wheelchair. He wants his younger sister Nana (ナナ, Nana, 46) to give up her dream of becoming a fire fighter for her own good before he finally accepts her decision.


The Jakaen (ジャカエン, Jakaen, "Evil Fire") are a group of fire demons who gave humans fire long ago. However, after seeing their gift used for selfish reasons to the point of endangering the Earth, the Jakaen made it their goal to make people suffer by causing Super-Fire (超火災, Chōkasai). Sealed long ago by a warrior with the freezing powers of five Blue Pearls, the Jakaen's release into the world was the reason for the formation of the Rescue Fire team. Their original base of operations was underneath Tateishi City, making it the site of most Jakaen attacks until Donkaen's first defeat by Fire-1 X.

Fire Majin

The Super-Fire causing Fire Majin (火炎魔人, Kaen Majin) are created by the Three Commanders from a Jaka Core (ジャカ玉, Jakadama) they each carry which whirls to life once exposed to a heat source and enters the nearest object in the area, taking its physical form before going on a rampage to seek vengeance. A Fire Majin can be enlarged and upgraded by commanders' Revenge Fire. Two or more Fire Majin can merge into a more powerful Gattaien (ガッタイエン, Gattaien) when their commanders engage Revenge Fire at the same time. Since Jokaen's appearance, the Fire Majin are not used much other than boost up a commander's power as a Hyper Gattaien.

  • Biken (バイクエン, Baikuen, 1, 20, 37): A smoldering motorcycle Fire Majin created to infect other bikes with its flames as part of Ukaen's scheme to attack the city, in order to make it a deadly example to the UFDA for attempting to stop them. When Rescue Fire arrives and Rescue Striker takes out the massive numbers, Ukaen uses his Revenge Fire to combine the remaining bikes into a giant fire-breathing bike monster that takes out Rescue Striker. The tables soon turn when Fire Dragon is scrambled and freezes Biken with Ice Tornado before smashing it with the Dragon Attack. Later, another group of Bikaen were created before Jokaen combines them into the larger Hyper Biken (ハイパーバイクエン, Haipā Baikuen, 43) for Ukaen to ride on before it is shattered by RescueKing and Gaia Leon.
  • Inukaen (イヌカエン, Inukaen, 2): A dog Fire Majin.
  • Kinokoen (キノコエン, Kinokoen, 3, 19, 37): A giant mushroom Fire Majin.
  • Keitaien (ケイタイエン, Keitaien, 4, 37): A mobile phone Fire Majin.
  • Karasuen (カラスエン, Karasuen, 5, 28): A crow Fire Majin.
  • Bananaen (バナナエン, Bananaen, 6): A banana Fire Majin with a sombrero, the festive Bananaen can shoot banana boomerangs and banana peels as it causes a fire in an elementary school. After being defeated by an enraged Fire-3 attacks it for making her look the fool, Fire-1 defeats the Fire Majin with Blizzard Slash. However, Chukaen uses her Revenge Fire to revive Bananaen into a flying giant peeled version of itself. But the monster is destroyed by the Combination Attack of Fire Dragon and Dozer Dragon. On Valentine's Day, Chukaen creates a variation of Bannanen from a chocolate-coated banana on a stick, Choco Bananaen (チョコバナナエン, Chokobananaen, 45), as her enforcer with its Choco Banana Boomerangs. After Fire-3 tricks the Fire Majin into attacking its master, she forces it back to its original form.
  • Drillen (ドリルエン, Doriruen, 7): A Fire Majin created from the Rescue Drill.
  • Haekaen (ハエカエン, Haekaen, 8, 35, 37): A fly Fire Majin.
  • Kanitanken (カニタンクエン, Kanitankuen, 9, 37): Created from a toy tank, Tanken (タンクエン, Tankuen, 9, 37) was used to take advantage of the Fire Dragon's damage, attacking the Rescue Striker on Ukaen's orders until Sakaen intervene with his crab Fire Majin Kanikaen (カニカエン, Kanikaen, 9, 37, 44) in what turned into an all-out brawl before Donkaen forces Ukaen and Sakaen to combine their Fire Majin into a Gattaien to turn the odds in their favor. But after Kanitanken scraps the Rescue Striker, the Super Rescue Dragon is formed and freezing Gattaien with Super Ice Tornado before shattering it with the Super Dragon Attack. Another Kanitanken appears in London, with R1 personally destroying it.
  • Cabbatruen (キャベトラエン, Kyabetoraen, 11): A Fire Majin created from the combination of the Subaru Sambar pickup truck Fire Majin Trucken (トラックエン, Torakkuen, 11, 37) and the cabbage Fire Majin Cabbagen (キャベツエン, Kyabetsuen, 11, 37).
  • Hebikaen (ヘビカエン, Hebikaen, 12): A cobra-like snake Fire Majin.
  • Roboten (ロボットエン, Robottoen, 13, 19): A Fire Majin created from a toy robot, later transformed into the Giant Roboten (ジャイアントロボットエン, Jaianto Robottoen).
  • Ikutteren (イカッターエン, Ikattāen, 14): The combination of the squid Fire Majin Ikakaen (イカカエン, Ikakaen, 14, 19, 37) and the box cutter Fire Majin Cutteren (カッターエン, Kattāen, 14).
  • Mamekaen (マメカエン, Mamekaen, 15, 37): A Fire Majin created from several beans.
  • Nekkoen (ネッコエン, Nekkoen, 16): A Fire Majin created from the roots of a lone tree.
  • Kumokaen (クモカエン, Kumokaen, 16, 37): A spider Fire Majin.
  • Natsukazeen (ナツカゼエン, Natsukazeen, 17): A summer cold virus Fire Majin.
  • Rocket Hanabien (ロケットハナビエン, Roketto Hanabien, 18, 37): A Fire Majin made from skyrockets.
  • Roboikakinokoen (ロボイカキノコエン, Roboikakinokoen, 19, 37): Used in a divide and counter scheme, the Commanders combine a Robokaen, a Kinokoen, and an Ikakaen to form a Triple Gattaien (トリプルガッタイエン, Toripuru Gattaien). Though able to withstand the Final Rescues of the Super Fire Dragon and Super Jet Falcon, Roboikakinokoen is destroyed by the Great Wyvern. Another Roboikakinokoen appeared in Sydney before the Falcon Vehicles destroy it.
  • Obakeen (オバケエン, Obakeen, 21): A Fire Majin created from a fake ghost.
  • Barakaen (バラカエン, Barakaen, 23, 37): A Fire Majin created from a bouquet of roses.
  • Katchuen (カッチュウエン, Katchūen, 24-25, 33, 37): A giant knight Fire Majin created from a suit of armor.
  • Mukadeen (ムカデエン, Mukadeen, 28, 37): A centipede Fire Majin.
  • Koalaen (コアラエン, Koaraen, 41): A koala Fire Majin created from Chiroru, a koala at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, when Sakaen thought he was being brushed off as he intended to have Koalaen wreck Nagoya during its second bicenntial so everyone would hate the koala. Though it appeared to cause trouble, Koalaen was actually scared. Risking his own life, Tatsuya manages to free Chiroru with the formless Fire Majin destroyed with the Wyvern Cannon.
  • Hyper Shachihokoen (ハイパーシャチホコエン, Haipā Shachihokoen, 42): A Hyper Gattaien formed by Shachihokoen (シャチホコエン, Shachihokoen, 42) Jokaen created from the shachihoko on Nagoya Castle to have the Fire Majin ironically burn Nagoya. But the Rescue Vehicles and GaiaLeon intervene to give the HyperRescue team time to extinguish the fire as Great Wyvern GX finishes the Hyper Gattaien off.

Rescue Vehicles

Rescue Dashes

The Rescue Dashes (レスキューダッシュ, Resukyū Dasshu) are the Core Units for the larger Rescue Vehicles, each equipped with a Safety Field barrier. These can be utilized in newer vehicle models for execution of either a Dragon Attack or a Falcon Attack.

Rescue Striker

The Rescue Striker (レスキューストライカー, Resukyū Sutoraikā) is a large-scale water truck Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-3 prior to the completion of Turbo Dragon. It was borrowed from Rescue Force. Its Final Rescue is the Water Cannon (ウォーターキャノン, Wōtā Kyanon), shooting a jet of liquid nitrogen. It once combined with the Rescue Drill to become the Drill Striker in order to destroy Drillen with its Final Rescue, Drill Boost. While the Fire Dragon was being repaired, Fire-1 was given the Rescue Striker to pilot until it sacrificed itself to save Fire-1 from Kanitanken's attack. It has since been repaired, and is currently again in use of Rescue Force's R1.

2nd Generation Rescue Vehicles

The Rescue Vehicles (レスキュービークル, Resukyū Bīkuru) used by the Rescue Fire and Sky teams have two configuration modes: Scramble Mode (スクランブルモード, Sukuranburu Mōdo) and Rescue Mode (レスキューモード, Resukyū Mōdo).

Fire Dragon (ファイアードラゴン, Faiā Doragon)
The Fire Dragon is a large-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-1. It largely facilitates the functions of a fire engine and semi-trailer truck. In Scramble Mode, Fire Dragon functions as auto-transport for the small-scale Rescue Vehicles for immediate transport to the disaster site. Rescue Mode transforms the vehicle bed into a fire fighting apparatus. This formation has access to Drain Water (ドレインウォーター, Dorein Wōtā), Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット, Doragon Shotto), Dragon Ladder (ドラゴンラダー, Doragon Radā), and Dragon Anchor (ドラゴンアンカー, Doragon Ankā) cables functions. Its Final Rescue is the Ice Tornado (アイストルネード, Aisu Torunēdo) which fires twin streams of icy water at the enemy to freeze them, before a Dragon Attack (ドラゴンアタック, Doragon Atakku) shoots the flaming Rescue Dash-1 to finish the target off.
Dozer Dragon (ドーザードラゴン, Dōzā Doragon)
The Dozer Dragon is a medium-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-2 which has a bulldozer Rescue Mode, which originally had a flaw in the cooling system that shut the vehicle down after 45 seconds. It is able to execute the Dragon Tornado Drop (ドラゴン竜巻落とし, Doragon Tatsumaki Otoshi) and the Tough Machine Drop using the Dragon Bucket (ドラゴンバケット, Doragon Baketto). Other abilities include shooting Dragon Anchor cables. It can also fling another Rescue Vehicle at the target to unleash the other Rescue Vehicle's Final Rescue using the Dragon Bucket in a Combination Attack. Its Final Rescue is the Bind Crash (バインドクラッシュ, Baindo Kurasshu), which creates a freeze wave that makes its way to the target before the Dozer Dragon charges at it once frozen, lifting it into the air. It then executes a Dragon Attack with the flaming Rescue Dash-2 to finish the job.
Turbo Dragon (ターボドラゴン, Tābo Doragon)
The Turbo Dragon is a medium-scale large blower Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-3 with a turbofan Rescue Mode that allows it to execute the blast attack from the Dragon Turbofan (ドラゴンターボファン, Doragon Tābofan). Its Final Rescue is the Blast Hurricane (ブラストハリケーン, Burasuto Harikēn), using the sirens' sound wave to cause the fan to fire a spiraling ice stream that freezes the target and leaves it open for a Dragon Attack from the Rescue Dash-3.
Jet Falcon (ジェットファルコン, Jetto Farukon)
The Jet Falcon is a large-scale fighter jet Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-4. It launches Hydro Missiles (ハイドロミサイル, Haidoro Misairu) from wings. Its Final Rescue is the Aurora Break (オーロラブレイク, Ōrora Bureiku), creating a jetstream around the enemy, followed by a Falcon Attack (ファルコンアタック, Farukon Atakku) or a Double Falcon Attack with Heli Falcon.
Heli Falcon (ヘリファルコン, Heri Farukon)
The Heli Falcon is a medium-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-5 which has a fighter jet Scramble Mode and a helicopter Rescue Mode. It shoots Hydro Laser (ハイドロイレイザー, Haidoro Reizā) from the nose. Its Final Rescue is the Freeze Corridor (フリーズコールダー, Furīzu Kōrudā), creating ice whirlwind that covers enemy, followed by a Falcon Attack or a Double Falcon Attack with Jet Falcon.


The X-Dragon (エクスドラゴン, Ekusu Doragon) is a large-scale ambulance Rescue Vehicle with AI and VVEL engine assigned to Fire-1, who possessed a strong enough Rescue Soul to use it. It can also remote control it through the Rescue Megaphone. It can assume either Vehicle Mode (ビークルモード, Bīkuru Mōdo), able to shield itself generating the Safety Field (セイフティフィールド, Seifuti Fīrudo) and shoot the Drain Water, and Drill Mode (ドリルモード, Doriru Mōdo). The X-Dragon can also transform into the humanoid Robot Mode (ロボットモード, Robotto Mōdo) named X-Dragon Robo (エクスドラゴンロボ, Ekusu Doragon Robo), able to execute the Final Rescue X Meteor Punch (エクス流星パンチ, Ekusu Ryūsei Panchi), which it delivers a powerful fiery punch to the enemy.


GaiaLeon (ガイアレオン, Gaiareon) is a large-scale driverless Rescue Vehicle with AI and VVEL engine which has an excavator Vehicle Mode and a lion type robot Beast Mode (ビーストモード, Bīsuto Mōdo). As a result of being prideful, GaiaLeon acts on his own whim and listens to those he can acknowledge. Its Final Rescue is the Leon Burst (レオンバースト, Reon Bāsuto), which fires a powerful freezing bullet which splits into 4 lion-shaped bullets that freezes and destroy the enemy on contact.

Upgraded Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles

These are an upgraded version of the medium-scale Rescue Vehicles based on the same models used by the Rescue Force.

Rescue Vehicle Combinations

Super Fire Dragon (スーパーファイアードラゴン, Sūpā Faiā Doragon)
The Super Fire Dragon is the combination of all three Dragon Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Super Ice Tornado (スーパーアイストルネード, Sūpā Aisu Torunēdo), an improved version of the Ice Tornado that freezes the enemy, followed by the Super Dragon Attack (スーパードラゴンアタック, Sūpā Doragon Atakku) with the Rescue Dash-1 having thrice the impact on the enemy.
Super Jet Falcon (スーパージェットファルコン, Sūpā Jetto Farukon)
The Super Jet Falcon is the combination of both Falcon Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Super Aurora Break (スーパーオーロラブレイク, Sūpā Ōrora Bureiku), creating a wind that freezes the opponent instantly, followed by a Super Falcon Attack (スーパーファルコンアタック, Sūpā Farukon Atakku).
Great Wyvern (グレートワイバーン, Gurēto Waibān)
The Great Wyvern is the combination of the Super Fire Dragon and the Super Jet Falcon. Its Final Rescue is the Infinite Thunder (インフィニットサンダー, Infinitto Sandā) where a giant wave of electricity is fired from the great Wyvern's mouth, followed by a Wyvern Attack (ワイバーンアタック, Waibān Atakku) with the electrically-charged Rescue Dash-1 finishing the target.
Rescue King (レスキューキング, Resukyū Kingu)
The Rescue King is the humanoid combination of the Fire Dragon and the X-Dragon. Its weapon is the King X-Basher (キングエクスバッシャー, Kingu Ekusu Basshā) and its Final Rescue is the X Crash (エクスクラッシュ, Ekusu Kurasshu), during which Fire-1 X charges the X-Basher and finishes the opponent with a freezing cross slash. Riding on GaiaLeon, Rescue King can combine their signature Final Rescues to execute the Double Impact Double Final Rescue.
Great Wyvern GX (グレートワイバーンGX, Gurēto Waibān Jī Ekkusu)
The Great Wyvern GX is the combination of the Great Wyvern, the X-Dragon, and the GaiaLeon. The formation was original inaccessible as Tatsuya is unable to endure the combination until he gains the Blue Pearl of Faith. Its Final Rescue is the Great Hurricane (グレートハリケーン, Gurēto Harikēn), fire a multitude of blasts that not only freeze the target but also extinguishes the surrounding fire. It is then followed by a Great Wyvern Attack (グレートワイバーンアタック, Gurēto Waibān Atakku) where all five Rescue Dashes are launched at once.
Wyvern Cannon (ワイバーンキャノン, Waibān Kyanon)
The Wyvern Cannon is the combination of the Dozer Dragon and Turbo Dragon with the Super Jet Falcon, serving as a cannon for Rescue King. In this mode, the Wyvern Cannon fires a freezing bullet which destroys the enemy in one shot.
Cerberus Dragon (ケルベロスドラゴン, Keruberosu Doragon)
The Cerberus is the combination of the Fire Dragon and all five upgraded medium-scale Rescue Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Cerberus Crash (ケルベロスクラッシュ, Keruberosu Kurasshu), which Cerberus Dragon fires multiple Ice blasts to the enemy, freezing it on contact and finishes it with an all out crush using its drills, shovel and crane attachments.

Rescue Tools

Rescue Megaphone

The Suit-Up Megaphone Rescue Megaphone (着装メガホン レスキューメガホーン, Chakusō Megahon Resukyū Megahōn) is the team's common suit-up tool with AI. Shifting its lever to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Fire-1's Rescue Megaphone is replaced with one possessing a TF-Q robot mode. Nicknamed Q-suke (Qスケ, Kyūsuke), the robot is designed to help Tatsuya become more professional. Q-suke is also outfitted with the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.


The Rescue Fire Extinguisher Tri-Basher (レスキュー消火器トライバッシャー, Resukyū Shōkaki Torai Basshā) is the team's common rescue tool with three modes. Sword and Gun Modes can execute a powerful attack, by performing a Dragon Charge (ドラゴンチャージ, Doragon Chāji) on a Rescue Soul.

Jet Caliber

The Suit-Up Flying Sword Jet Caliber (着装飛剣ジェットカリバー, Chakusō Hiken Jetto Karibā) is the Sky Team's common suit-up and rescue tool, normally kept in the Sky Team's Rescue Dash vehicles until needed. It is usually in Jet Mode (ジェットモード, Jetto Mōdo) until suit-up. Voicing to its microphone on a pommel to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Allows the Sky Team to fly using its Jet Burner (ジェットバーナー, Jetto Bānā) function. Sword Mode can execute a powerful attack, by performing a Falcon Charge (ファルコンチャージ, Farukon Chāji) on a Rescue Soul.


The Rescue Extinguishing Sword X-Basher (レスキュー消火剣エクスバッシャー, Resukyū Shōkaken Ekusu Basshā) is Fire-1 X's personal suit-up and rescue tool. It was created from the Ryudouken (龍導剣, Ryūdōken, Dragon Guiding Sword), an ancient weapon with five Blue Orbs (青き珠, Aoki Tama) installed on it which defeated Donkaen in the past. Over time, the orbs have disappeared and the sword became embedded in its resting place behind Donkaen's throne until Asuka finds and frees it. Though it was heavy and rusted, the Ryudouken transforms when it reacts to Fire-1's Rescue Soul. Eventually, the X-Basher regains the Blue Pearls of "Faith" (, Shin) from Ryujin Village, "Purity" (, Sei) from the Dragon's Marsh after Jokaen took it, "Joy" (, Ki) from Nagoya City after Jokaen took it, "Love" (, Ai) from Lake Motosu, and "Friendship" (, Tomo) from Mongolia, which was Asuka's blue stone. Turning its key to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Its Sword Mode is activated by spinning its X-Wheel (エクスホイール, Ekusu Hoīru) and performing a Dragon Charge on a Rescue Soul. The weapon was left behind with Donkaen after Fire 1X chose to seal him by freezing him instead dealing a fatal blow.

Rescue Breaker

The Rescue Breaker (レスキューブレイカー, Resukyū Bureikā) is the team's other common handheld tool with eight modes, previously used by the Rescue Force. It is usually in Mobile Mode (モバイルモード, Mobairu Mōdo) until needed.


  1. A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon (新たな敵 ほえよファイアードラゴン, Arata na Teki: Hoeyo Faiā Doragon)
  2. Tatsuya is Anxious: His Partner is a Very Nagging Robot (タツヤが心配 相棒は超ウザロボット, Tatsuya ga Shinpai: Aibō wa Chōuza Robotto)
  3. Miss Perfect: Ritsuka's Secret (ミス・パーフェクト リツカの秘密, Misu Pāfekuto: Ritsuka no Himitsu)
  4. Yuma's Promise: Count on Dozer Dragon (ユウマの約束 頼むぜドーザードラゴン, Yūma no Yakusoku: Tanomu ze Dōzā Doragon)
  5. Mama, the Crow, and Everyone are Working Hard (ママもカラスもみんな、がんばってる, Mama mo Karasu mo Minna, Ganbatteru)
  6. Tatsuya and Yuma Fight the Super-Fire (タツヤとユウマがケンカして超火災だ, Tatsuya to Yūma ga Kenka shite Chōkasai da)
  7. Rescue Force's Vehicles are Targeted (狙われたレスキューフォースのビークル, Nerawareta Resukyū Fōsu no Bīkuru)
  8. Haekaen Blown Away: Turbo Dragon (ハエカエンを吹き飛ばせ ターボドラゴン, Haekaen o Fukitobase: Tābo Doragon)
  9. The Striker is in a Pinch! Go Three-Piece Combination (ストライカーがピンチ!いくぞ三体合体, Sutoraikā ga Pinchi! Iku zo Santai Gattai)
  10. Tama-chan vs. Chukaen (タマちゃんVSチュウカエン, Tamachan Bāsasu Chūkaen)
  11. The Heart-filled Hometown, Protect Downtown from the Sea of Flames (心のふるさと、下町を火の海から守れ, Kokoro no Furusato, Shitamachi o Hi no Umi kara Mamore)
  12. The Zoo is in Trouble: Also Ritsuka's Weakness (動物園がたいへん そしてリツカの弱点, Dōbutsuen ga Taihen: Soshite Ritsuka no Jakuten)
  13. I'll Protect the School: Beyond the Smile (学園はオレがまもる 笑顔の向こう側, Gakuen wa Ore ga Mamoru: Egao no Mukōgawa)
  14. A Super-Fire On the Sea! Arrival of the Mysterious Jets (超火災は海の上!出現、謎のジェット, Chōkasai wa Umi no Ue! Shutsugen, Nazo no Jetto)
  15. New Friends: Enter the Sky Team (新たなる仲間 出場、スカイチーム, Aratanaru Nakama: Shutsujō, Sukai Chīmu)
  16. Make the Sky Combination! Super Jet Falcon (きめろスカイ合体!スーパージェットファルコン, Kimero Sukai Gattai! Sūpā Jetto Farukon)
  17. Fly High, Heli Falcon (高く舞い上がれ、ヘリファルコン, Takaku Maiagare, Heri Farukon)
  18. A Super-Fire in the Space!? Take Off Fire Phoenix (宇宙で超火災!?飛びたてファイアーフェニックス, Uchū de Chōkasai!? Tobitate Faiā Fenikkusu)
  19. Five-Piece Combination! The Great Wyvern is Born (五体合体!誕生、グレートワイバーン, Gotai Gattai! Tanjō, Gurēto Waibān)
  20. Recovering Your Partner's Memory (相棒の記憶をとりもどせ, Aibō no Kioku o Torimodose)
  21. Swimsuit Suit-up: Special Training at the Beach (水着で着装 渚の特別訓練, Mizugi de Chakusō: Nagisa no Tokubetsu Kunren)
  22. Explosively Extinguish the Big Typhoon (巨大台風を爆鎮せよ, Kyodai Taifū o Bakuchin seyo)
  23. A Big Traffic Jam, Will Rescue Fire Make It in Time? (大渋滞、間に合うかレスキューファイアー, Daijūtai, Ma ni Au ka Resukyū Faiā)
  24. Ukaen Power Up! Fire-1 has Lost? (ウカエンパワーアップ!ファイアー1が負ける?, Ukaen Pawā Appu! Faiā Wan ga Makeru?)
  25. Stand-up Tatsuya: Use the New Vehicle (立ち上がれタツヤ 新ビークルと共に, Tachiagare Tatsuya: Shin Bīkuru to Tomo ni)
  26. Wake-up! X-Basher (めざめよ!エクスバッシャー, Mezame yo! Ekusu Basshā)
  27. The Unknown Powerful Enemy: Jokaen (未知なる強敵 ジョウカエン, Michinaru Kyōteki: Jōkaen)
  28. All-Important Colleagues (みんな大事な仲間たち, Minna Daiji na Nakamatachi)
  29. Heated Man: Tsubasa's Kindness (熱き男 ツバサの優しさ, Atsuki Otoko: Tsubasa no Yasashisa)
  30. Captain's Past: GaiaLeon! Scramble! (隊長の過去 ガイアレオン!スクランブル!, Taichō no Kako: Gaiareon! Sukuranburu!)
  31. The Blue Pearls' Secrets: Seven-Piece Combination Completed! (青き珠の秘密 完成、七体合体!, Aoki Tama no Himitsu: Kansei, Nanatai Gattai!)
  32. Ritsuka is Overwhelmed: The Proud GaiaLeon (リツカもタジタジ 誇り高きガイアレオン, Ritsuka mo Tajitaji: Hokoritakaki Gaiareon)
  33. The Powers Combined: Wyvern Cannon Go Forth! (力を合わせろ ワイバーンキャノン発動!, Chikara o Awasero: Waibān Kyanon Hatsudō!)
  34. Driven into a Corner: Tama-chan Suits Up!? (絶体絶命 タマちゃん着装!?, Zettai Zetsumei: Tamachan Chakusō!?)
  35. Report to Father, Jun's Rescue Spirit (父にとどけ、ジュンのレスキュー魂, Chichi ni Todoke, Jun no Resukyū Damashii)
  36. Get the Second Blue Pearl (二つ目の青き珠を手に入れろ, Futatsume no Aoki Tama o Te ni Irero)
  37. Emergency Dispatch: Rescue Force (緊急出場 レスキューフォース, Kinkyū Shutsujō: Resukyū Fōsu)
  38. Save the Earth: Great Wyvern GX (地球を救え グレートワイバーンGX, Chikyū o Sukue: Gurēto Waibān Jī Ekkusu)
  39. Special Training: With Teamwork We are One! (特別訓練 チームワークでひとつになれ!, Tokubetsu Kunren: Chīmuwāku de Hitotsu ni Nare!)
  40. A Super-Fire in Nagoya City? Rescue Fire, Emergency Dispatch (名古屋シティで超火災?レスキュファイアー、緊急出場, Nagoya Shiti de Chōkasai? Resukyū Faiā, Kinkyū Shutsujō)
  41. Save the Koala! Rescue Spirit and Kishimen Spirit (コアラを救え!レスキュー魂ときしめん魂, Koara o Sukue! Resukyū Damashii to Kishimen Damashii)
  42. Jokaen is still Alive: Nagoya Castle, Duel at the Tower Keep (生きていたジョウカエン 名古屋城、天守閣の決闘, Ikiteita Jōkaen: Nagoyajō, Tenshukaku no Kettō)
  43. Captain Taiga, Returning to his Hometown!? (大河隊長、故郷へ帰る!?, Taiga Taichō, Kokyō e Kaeru!?)
  44. Suit Up, Double 1! Friendship's New Rescue Combination (着装せよ、ダブル1!友情の新レスキュー合体, Chakusō seyo, Daburu Wan! Yūjō no Shin Resukyū Gattai)
  45. Chocolate Flames: A Tumultuous Valentine's Day (炎のチョコレート 波乱のバレンタインデー, Honō no Chokorēto: Haran no Barentaindē)
  46. Heated Promises: Tsubasa's Past Revealed (熱き約束 今明かされるツバサの過去, Atsuki Yakusoku: Ima Akasareru Tsubasa no Kako)
  47. The Hijacked Fire Phoenix (乗っ取られたファイアーフェニックス, Nottorareta Faiā Fenikkusu)
  48. Conclusion: Fire-1 VS Jokaen (決着 ファイアー1VSジョウカエン, Ketchaku: Faiā Wan Bāsasu Jōkaen)
  49. The Greatest Crisis: Donkaen, Complete Revival (最大の危機 ドンカエン、完全復活, Saidai no Kiki: Donkaen, Kanzen Fukkatsu)
  50. Make a Miracle: The Blue Pearls (奇跡をおこせ 青き珠, Kiseki o Okose: Aoki Tama)
  51. The Final Decisive Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen! (最終決戦 ドンカエンを爆鎮せよ!, Saishū Kessen: Donkaen o Bakuchin seyo!)


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The Tomica Hero Series was a short-lived series of Japanese tokusatsu children's television dramas. Based on Takara Tomy's Tomica toy car line, the series air on TV Aichi and TV Tokyo before being syndicated around Japan. Takara Tomy previously produced Madan Senki Ryukendo, but Ryukendo was not based on a pre-existing set of toys for the company. However, it made reference to the Earth Federation which the UFDA is a branch of, its main cast making a cameo in the Rescue Force movie. Although airing on different days, the Tomica Hero Series served as competition to TV Asahi and Toei Company's Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Series and Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra Series. Only two series were made with the Tomica Hero story, which concluded with a stage show featuring members of the Rescue Force cast.

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Majin Bone (マジンボーン) is a digital card game by Bandai. A manga series is serialized in the magazine Saikyo Jump by Shueisha and an anime television series debuted on April 1, 2014 on TX Network stations.

<i>Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Kidō Kyūkyū Keisatsu</i> Anime television series

Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Kidō Kyūkyū Keisatsu is a Japanese anime television series made to promote Takara Tomy's long-running Tomica toyline of miniature toy cars. It replaced Kamiwaza Wanda and aired Saturday mornings at 7:00 am on the new hour-long Anisata block on TBS and affiliated stations. The original series aired from April 15, 2017 to December 23 of the same year, while 2018 featured a monthly 8 episode follow-up. A feature film was released a week later, tying it in with its concurrently airing successor series, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion, with main character Hayato Hayasugi crossing over with the E5 Hayabusa.


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