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Tomin is an antiquated Spanish unit of weight and currency. It may also refer to

TOMIN SAJI who is a film (director)maker,writer,actor,photographer and moreover he is a movie lover and analyzer. He had worked as asist director in short films and He made his directional debut with the malayalam short film HOLLOW BRICK(2016).Then he had continued to do malayalam short films such as BEYOUND THE HEARTS,THALAMUDI,KANDAN.The most recent short film which he had directed KANDAN was very successfull to be screened in many short film fests.He is an upcoming offer for the malayalam short film and film industry

Qendër Tomin Administrative Unit in Dibër, Albania

Qendër Tomin is a former municipality in the Dibër County, northeastern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Dibër. The population at the 2011 census was 7,590.

Sarv Tomin village in Kerman, Iran

Sarv Tomin is a village in Saghder Rural District, Jebalbarez District, Jiroft County, Kerman Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 70, in 28 families.

Tomin or Tomyn is a Slavic surname. It may refer to

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Dibër District District in Dibër County, Albania

Dibër District was one of the thirty-six districts of Albania that is now part of Dibër County. It had a total population of 62,825, and an area of 1,088 km². It is in the northeast of the country, and its capital was Peshkopi. It is now coterminous with Dibër Municipality.

"Someone to Watch Over Me" is the 116th episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, the 22nd episode of the fifth season. It was directed by cast member Robert Duncan McNeil.

The Ori are fictional characters in the science fiction television series, Stargate SG-1. They are a group of "ascended" beings who use their advanced technology and knowledge of the universe to attempt to trick non-ascended humans into worshipping them as gods.

Tatsuya Ueda , is a Japanese idol, singer, and actor from the Japanese idol group KAT-TUN. Born in Kanagawa in Japan, he joined the Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates in 1998. In March 2006 he debuted as a member of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN and is under Johnny & Associates management. The group's name was an acronym based on the first letter of each member's family name until the departure of Jin Akanishi in 2010, and Koki Tanaka in 2013. Junnosuke Taguchi left the band a well in 2016. After Tanaka's and Taguchi's withdrawal, Ueda took the T's for TaTsuya. As of 2016, KAT-TUN stands for Kazuya KAmenashi, TaTsuya Ueda, and Yuichi Nakamaru. Ueda is very athletic, and his favorite hobbies include Boxing and running.

<i>Stargate: The Ark of Truth</i> 2008 film by Robert C. Cooper

Stargate: The Ark of Truth is a 2008 Canadian-American military science fiction film in the Stargate franchise, acting as a sequel to the television series Stargate SG-1. It is written and directed by Robert C. Cooper, produced by Cooper, John G. Lenic, and the series' creator Brad Wright, and stars its regular cast. The film is the conclusion of the Ori arc, and picks up after the SG-1 series finale. However, it happens before the Stargate Atlantis third season finale.

Július Tomin (1915–2003) was a high school teacher and well-known author from Czechoslovakia. He was persecuted during the Soviet occupation for promoting Interlingua as a second language.

Julius Tomin is a Czech philosopher. He became known in the 1970s and 1980s for his involvement with the Jan Hus Educational Foundation, which ran an underground education network in the former Czechoslovakia, offering seminars in philosophy in people's homes.

El Bagre Airport

El Bagre Airport or El Tomin Airport is an airport serving El Bagre, a municipality of the Antioquia Department in Colombia.

Gorički zbornik

The Gorički zbornik or the Gorica's Almanac or Gorica Miscellany or the Manuscript of Gorica is a Serbian medieval manuscript collection written by Jelena Balšić and monk Nikon of Jerusalem in period between 1441 and 1442 in the church Jelena built on the island Gorica on Skadar Lake. Its name is derived from the name of the church.

Zdena Tomin is a Czech novelist and former communist-era dissident.

Michaela Marksová Czech minister of labour and social affairs of the CR and local politician

Michaela Marksová is a Czech politician. Since January 2014, she has been the Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in the government of Bohuslav Sobotka, and the spokesperson on human rights and families. Since 2006 she has been a council member for the Czech Social Democratic Party in the Prague 2 district council.

Street is a 1995 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. Anil and produced by Koshi and Palamuttam Majeed. The film stars Vikram, Babu Antony, Geetha, Baiju in the lead roles. Vikram played the antagonist. The film has musical score by Tomin Thachankari.

Dibër (municipality) Municipality in Dibër, Albania

Dibër is a municipality in Dibër County, northeastern Albania. It was created in 2015 by the merger of the former municipalities Arras, Fushë-Çidhën, Kala e Dodës, Kastriot, Lurë, Luzni, Maqellarë, Melan, Muhurr, Peshkopi, Selishtë, Sllovë, Tomin, Zall-Dardhë and Zall-Reç. The seat of the municipality is the town Peshkopi. The total population is 61,619, in a total area of 937.88 km2. It is coterminous with the former Dibër District.

Shinonome, Tokyo town located in Koto-ku, Tokyo

Shinonome (東雲) is a district of Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan. Ariake is to the west of it, and it is joined to Toyosu to the north by a bridge, and Tatsumi to the east by several bridges. Its subdivisions consist of Shinonome 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 chome. Located south of Toyosu, it is largely a residential area, with many apartments and condominiums. Its postal code is 135-0062.

Tomin First no Kai is a regional political party in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

Governor of Poltava Oblast

The Governor of Poltava Oblast is the head of executive branch for the Poltava Oblast.

Zdena may refer to: