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Tomis Constanța may refer to:

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Tomis may refer to:

Constanța Place in Romania

Constanța, historically known as Tomis, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania. It was founded around 600 BC. The city is located in the Northern Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea coast. It is the capital of Constanța County and the largest city in the region of Dobruja.

Martin Stoev Bulgarian volleyball player

Martin Stoyanov Stoev is a Bulgarian volleyball coach and former player. He currently is head coach of the Romanian team CVM Tomis Constanța.

Andrey Zhekov Bulgarian volleyball player

Andrey Zhekov is a Bulgarian volleyball player who plays for the Romanian club C.V.M. Tomis Constanța. He was born on March 12, 1980 and entered the national team in 1998 at the age of 18. 190 cm tall and weighing 82 kg Zhekov is the current setter of the Bulgarian national team. Club Champion of Bulgaria with the teams of Levski Siconco and Slavia Sofia. Zhekov is married and has two children.

Olli-Pekka Ojansivu Finnish volleyball player

Olli-Pekka "Lelu" Ojansivu is a Finnish professional volleyball player who plays for Russian club VC Kuzbass Kemerovo. He is also a member of the Finland men's national volleyball team.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Constanța heritage site in Constanța County, Romania

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Constanța, located at 25 Arhiepiscopiei Street, Constanța, Romania, is the seat of the Romanian Orthodox Archbishop of Tomis, as well as a monastery. Situated between Ovid Square and the Black Sea in front of the Archbishop's Palace, it was built on the city's peninsular zone in 1883-1885 following plans by architects Alexandru Orăscu and Carol Benesch and, for the interior, Ion Mincu. The cornerstone was laid on 4 September 1883, during the reign of Iosif Gheorghian, Metropolitan of All Romania. The church was consecrated on 22 May 1895.

The World Interuniversity Games is an international sports event, which was organised by IFIUS each year in October. It is currently organised by Committee Panathlon Clubs of Universities, after IFIUS was disbanded and integrated inside Panathlon International in 2011.

CSU Neptun Constanța Romanian handball club

CSU Neptun Constanţa, formerly known as CS Tomis Constanţa, is a women's handball club from Constanţa, Romania.

The Divizia A1 is the men's top Romanian professional volleyball league.

The Divizia A1 is the women's top Romanian professional volleyball league.

Jeoselyna Rodríguez Santos is a female volleyball player from the Dominican Republic, who won the bronze medal at the 2009 World Grand Champions Cup. She won the 2009 NORCECA Championship gold medal, bronze in the 2007 edition and the gold medal at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games playing with the Dominican Republic national team. She also won the gold medal at the 2010 Pan-American Cup and the silver at the 2009 and 2013 editions.

Iuliana Nucu is a retired female volleyball player from Romania.

Adrian Radu Gontariu volleyball player

Adrian Radu Gontariu is a Romanian volleyball player, a member of Romania men's national volleyball team and Romanian club Remat Zalău, four-time Romanian Champion, three-time German Champion, Polish Champion (2012).

C.V.M. Tomis Constanța sports club

Club Volei Municipal Tomis Constanța, also known as C.V.M. Tomis Constanța, C.V.M. Tomis or Tomis Constanța, is a Romanian volleyball club based in Constanța. It plays in the 2014–15 CEV Champions League season. Tomis is ranked 14th in the Men's European clubs ranking.

C.S. Volei 2004 Tomis Constanța sports club

C.S. Volei 2004 Tomis Constanța, commonly known as 2004 Tomis Constanța, was a professional women's volleyball club based in Constanța, Romania. It played in the 2012–13 CEV Women's Champions League season.

Nikola Rosić volleyball player

Nikola Rosić is a Serbian volleyball player, a member of Serbia men's national volleyball team and Romanian club Tomis Constanța, a participant at the Olympic Games London 2012, winner of the European Championship 2011, bronze medalist of the World Championship 2010, and medalist in the World League.

Miloš Terzić Serbian volleyball player

Miloš Terzić is a Serbian volleyball player, a member of the Serbia men's national volleyball team and Romanian club CS Arcada Galați, a bronze medalist of the 2010 World Championship, 2011 European Champion, 2008 Serbian Champion, 2012 French Champion, 2013 Romanian Champion.

Tsvetelina Zarkova Bulgarian volleyball player

Tsvetelina Zarkova is a Bulgarian female volleyball player. She is a member of the Bulgaria women's national volleyball team and plays for CS Știința Bacău. She was part of the Bulgarian national team at the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship in Italy.

Israel Rodríguez (volleyball) Spanish volleyball player

Israel Calderon Rodríguez is a Spanish volleyball player, a member of Spain men's national volleyball team and Spanish club CV Almería, 2007 European Champion, a medalist of the European League, Spanish Champion, Romanian Champion (2014).

Cristina Ana Cazacu is a Romanian female volleyball player, playing as a right side hitter. She was part of the Romania women's national volleyball team.