Tomislav Čižmešija

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Tomislav Čižmešija
Personal information
Country represented Croatia
SFR Yugoslavia
Born (1968-08-31) 31 August 1968 (age 51)
Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia

Tomislav Čižmešija (born 31 August 1968) is a Croatian retired figure skater who competed internationally for both Croatia and SFR Yugoslavia. He was Croatia's flag bearer in the opening ceremony of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, the nation's first Olympic appearance since gaining independence in 1991. Čižmešija placed 29th in men's singles. [1] He is an ISU judge and international referee. [2]

He is the brother of Željka Čižmešija, [3] who competed in ladies' singles for Croatia at the 1992 Olympics.


Olympics 29th
Worlds 26th24th28th27th39th39th
Europeans 21st16th21st17th20th17th23rd33rd

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Donald Hunter Gilchrist was a Canadian figure skater. As a pair skater with Marlene Smith, he became the 1949 North American silver medallist and a two-time Canadian national champion (1949–1950). He was a three-time national silver medallist in men's singles.


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