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Tommaso Badia
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Coat of arms of Tommaso Badia

Tommaso Badia (1483 – September 6, 1547) was an Italian Dominican cardinal. [1] [2]

Badia was born in Modena in 1483. He contributed to the establishment of the Jesuits and was the theological advisor of cardinal Gasparo Contarini. Badia was disputant in Worms 1540 and Regensburg 1541. He was promoted cardinal by Pope Paul III on June 2, 1542, but did not accept the offer to be bishop of Urbino at the same time. Badia died in Rome on September 6, 1547.

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Badia may refer to:

October 1503 papal conclave

The October 1503 papal conclave elected Giuliano della Rovere as Pope Julius II to succeed Pope Pius III. The conclave took place during the Italian Wars barely a month after the papal conclave, September 1503, and none of the electors had travelled far enough from Rome to miss the conclave. The number of participating cardinals was thirty-eight, the College of Cardinals having been reduced by the election of Piccolomini as Pius III, who did not elevate cardinals. At a consistory on October 11, Pope Pius had proposed to make Cardinal d'Amboise's nephew a cardinal, as part of his effort to conciliate the French, but the response from the Cardinals was not enthusiastic.

Tommaso is an Italian given name. It has also been used as a surname. Notable people with the name include:

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