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Tommi Thorvildsen, nicknamed "Glutezilla" for his glute development, is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Norway. At 5'9" in height, he has a contest weight of 260 lbs (290 lbs off-season) [1] and went on from winning his first amateur competition in 1997, the Sandefjord Open, to win the national championships in the same year. He got his pro card after two successive wins of the Norwegian championships in 1997 and 1998. His first professional competition was the Toronto Pro Invitational in 2000, where he placed 18th. His highest professional ranking so far was the 2002 IFBB Austrian Grand Prix of Bodybuilding, where he placed 3rd, (2009 BATTLE OF GIANTS UPBF, 2ND)


He was born in Norway on May 30, 1974 [2] and raised in the village of Tvedestrand in the county (fylker) of Aust-Agder in the country's south. [3] He has his own supplement line, Tommi Nutrition, [4] and owns and operates a gym in Oslo.


Name: Tommi Thorvildsen

Location: Oslo , Norway

Current residence: Norway

Place of Birth: Norway. Tommi was born in Norway, and grew up in a small village south by the sea - Tvedestrand, which has a population of only 5,000 people

Birthday: 1974-05-30

Height: 5'9" / 178 cm

Zodiac: Gemini

Weight: (off season) 130kg (heaviest 141kg)

Weight: (competition) 117-120kg (heaviest 126kg, 2009 Sapri Italy)

Biceps: 57,5 pumped

Waist: 84 cm

thigh: 84 cm

Gym: 24fitness

Bench press: 8x220 kg

Squat in Smith machine: 12x320kg

Motto: Pain is temporary, pride is forever! Good luck with your training ! Good luck and work hard and remember DEDICATION is the key!

Brothers: Jan-Espen, Kai and Geir [5] [6]

Competition history

Sources: Bodybuilding, [7] [8]

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