Tommy Allen

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Tommy Allen may refer to:

Thomas Allen was an English professional goalkeeper who played for Southampton in the 1920s and later for Coventry City.

Thomas William Allen was an Australian rules footballer who played with South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL), and with Port Melbourne in the Victorian Football Association (VFA).

Thomas David (Tommy) Allen is a speedway rider in the United Kingdom. He rode for the Somerset Rebels in the Premier League.

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The Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Wrocław, Poland. It was built from 1926 to 1928 as Schlesierkampfbahn according to a design by Richard Konwiarz, when the city of Wrocław was still part of Germany. It is used mostly for American football—home of the Panthers Wrocław and speedway racing, it also serves as the home stadium of Sparta Wrocław.

Oliver James (Olly) Allen is a former speedway rider in the United Kingdom.

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