Tommy Caldwell (musician)

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Tommy Caldwell
Birth nameThomas Michael Caldwell
Also known asTommy Caldwell
Born(1949-11-09)November 9, 1949
Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S.
DiedApril 28, 1980(1980-04-28) (aged 30)
Moore, South Carolina, U.S.
Genres Southern rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Bass, vocals, drums
Years active19731980
Associated acts The Marshall Tucker Band

Thomas Michael Caldwell (November 9, 1949 – April 28, 1980) was the bassist and original frontman for The Marshall Tucker Band between 1973 and 1980.

Caldwell composed several of their songs and played bass, percussion, guitar, as well as contributing backup vocals, though he sang lead on "Melody Ann" the only song on which he performed lead vocals. His last performance with the band was on April 18, 1980, ten days before his fatal accident. The performance is captured on the 2006 release, Live on Long Island . Caldwell was known for playing a white 1970s Fender Precision Bass with a Dimarzio Split Coil Pickup. A mix of finger style and picked bass as well as his use of tube amplifiers contributed to Caldwell's signature sound.

A native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, he died from injuries suffered when his Land Cruiser clipped a parked 1965 Ford Galaxie on April 28, 1980, at the age of 30. [1] He was the younger brother of bandmate and band co-founder, Toy Caldwell. Another brother, Tim Caldwell, also died in a traffic accident one month before Tommy, on March 28, 1980, at age 25. [2] [3] [4]

The Charlie Daniels Band's 1980 album Full Moon is dedicated to Caldwell.

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<i>Live on Long Island</i> 2006 live album by Marshall Tucker Band

Live on Long Island 04-18-80 is a 2-CD set recorded by The Marshall Tucker Band at Nassau Coliseum and is the final recording of bassist and founding member Tommy Caldwell, occurring just ten days before his death in an automobile accident. Tommy Caldwell is pictured on the album cover. This is the first CD to feature a complete concert recording from the original band. However, the album wasn't released until 26 years later. The band was touring in support of their album Tenth at the time of this recording and features the songs "It Takes Time" and "Cattle Drive" from that release as well as classics such as "Heard It in a Love Song", "Searchin' for a Rainbow" and "Can't You See".

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