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Tommy Clarence Fredrik Johnson (5 December 1931, in Stockholm 17 July 2005, in Stockholm [1] ) was a Swedish actor. [2] [3] He worked at Uppsala City Theatre and Malmö City Theatre. In 1988 he received the Cornelis Vreeswijk Scholarship.

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Sven Justus Fredrik Wollter was a Swedish actor, writer, and political activist. Wollter is one of the most renowned Swedish actors, he was awarded Best Swedish actor twice. In his native country, he became widely known through his role as Madame Flod's son Gusten in Swedish Television's adaption of The People of Hemsö by August Strindberg in 1966. Later he had several notable roles, including in 1976 when he played Detective Sergeant Lennart Kollberg in Bo Widerberg's film The Man on the Roof. For international viewers, he is best known for his role Victor in the dramatic film The Sacrifice by Andrei Tarkovsky, and for a wider television audience as the retired Detective Chief Inspector Van Veeteren in the cinematic adaptations of Håkan Nesser's police novels.

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Gerd Anne Therése Hegnell is a Swedish actress. Earlier she was married to Per Oscarsson. She received the "Carl Åkermark Scholarship" of the Swedish Academy in 1992. Hegnell educated at a "theatre school" at Gothenburg City Theatre 1953–56. During many years she was engaged at Folkteatern in Gothenburg where she performed many nice role presentations, among them Magnus Nilsson's Knäckebröd och hovmästarsås in 1988 and Carin Mannheimer's Rika barn leka bäst in 1995.

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