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Origin Vaasa, Finland
Genres Dansband music
Years active1980-

Tommys is a dansband from Vaasa, [1] established in 1980. Hans Martin was the singer from establishment until the year 2000. During the 1980s, the band mostly played throughout Ostrobothnia, and Swedish-speaking parts of southern Finland. In Sweden, the breakthrough was their 1991 hit "Vår dotter". [2]



Svensktoppen hits

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Hootenanny Singers

The Hootenanny Singers were a popular folk group from Sweden, founded in 1961. The group included Björn Ulvaeus, who later was a member of ABBA. Other bandmembers were Johan Karlberg, Tony Rooth and Hansi Schwarz. The group was named "The Northern Lights" for an American-released LP in 1966.

Lasse Berghagen Swedish singer, songwriter and actor

Lars "Lasse" Nils Berghagen is a Swedish singer, songwriter and actor.

<i>Agnetha Fältskogs bästa</i> 1973 compilation album by Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskogs Bästa is a compilation album by the Swedish pop singer and ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog. It was released in 1973 through CBS Cupol.

<i>Agnetha Fältskogs svensktoppar</i> 1998 compilation album by Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskogs svensktoppar is a compilation album released in 1998 by Swedish pop singer Agnetha Fältskog, known from the Sweden pop group ABBA. The songs on the album are hits by her on the Swedish hitlist Svensktoppen.

<i>Frida 1967–1972</i> 1997 compilation album by Anni-Frid Lyngstad

Frida 1967–1972 is a compilation album by Swedish singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, released in 1997 by EMI Sweden. The album features Lyngstad's anthology of her solo recordings prior to ABBA, which includes the A and B sides of ten 7" singles, and rare television and radio performances from this period, as well as her debut album, Frida.

Lasse Stefanz

Lasse Stefanz, earlier Lasse Stefans, is a country music-inspired dansband, formed in 1967 in Kristianstad, Sweden. The band was popular during the 1980s. The band was formed by Hans Sigfridsson, Lars Sigfridsson and Olle Jönsson. Later members are Christer Ericsson, Anders Pettersson and Gunnar Nilsson. Olle Jönsson is the singer, as well as the ex-drummer. Lasse Stefanz had hits with songs as "Oh, Julie" (1982) and released albums as Peppelinos Bar (1988). 1989-1990, Lasse Stefanz and Christina Lindberg had a Svensktoppen hit with the song "De sista ljuva åren". In 1989, Lasse Stefanz was awarded a Grammis for "Dansband of the year".


Roosarna, also known as the Kjell Roos Band, is a dansband in Vallsta, Sweden. The band was formed in 1969 by the brothers Kjell, Anders and Sven-Åke as Bröderna Roos. In the mid-1970s they changed their name to Roosarna. Since 1975, it is a full-time playing band. In 1982, the band begun to cooperate with Kikki Danielsson.

I ett fotoalbum is a 1998 album by Swedish dansband Lasse Stefanz. The title track was a 1998 Svensktoppen hit.

Marcus Birro

Marcus Adriano Birro is a Swedish-Italian poet, author and columnist and former frontman of cult punk band The Christer Petterssons. Birro blogged at Expressen and was a presenter on at Sveriges Radio Östergötland, where he was the host of Karlavagnen on Sveriges Radio P4. He is the brother of author Peter Birro. Marcus Birro lives in Södermalm, is divorced from his wife of 4 years, they have two children together. In 2015, Birro told the press about his ongoing relationship with a married woman, Micaela Kinnunen, wife of politician Martin Kinnunen, and later Kinnunen confirmed the relationship and her divorce via her Facebook page.

Svante Thuresson Swedish jazz musician

Svante Thuresson is a Swedish jazz musician. He started his career as a drummer before joining the band Gals and Pals in 1963. Svante won the national selection and represented Sweden in the Eurovision song contest in 1966 with "Nygammal vals" and came in second place; he performed with Lill Lindfors.

Friends was a Swedish dansband or pop group formed in 1999 and made up of Stefan Brunzell, Tony Haglund, Kristian Hermanson, Nina Inhammar, Kim Kärnfalk and Peter Strandberg. They were put together from auditions on the reality television show Friends på turne, made by Bert Karlsson for TV4. The show was a success and Friends competed on Melodifestivalen 2000, reaching second place. They won Melodifestivalen 2001 with "Lyssna till ditt hjärta" and represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with the English version of the song, "Listen to Your Heartbeat" wearing sexy, tight, leather fitted clothing. Prior to the Eurovision performance, the Swedish delegation was forced to pay royalties to the team behind "Liefde is een kaartspel", an earlier Belgian entry, making the song the first admitted case of plagiarism in Eurovision history.

<i>De första åren</i> 2004 box set by Agnetha Fältskog

'De första åren' is a box set by Swedish pop singer and ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog, released in 2004.

Fernandoz is a Swedish dansband formed in 1986 in Vitsand, near Torsby. They had a big hit in 1991 entitled with the song "Jag vet att jag vill ha dig". The band won the "svenska dansbandsmästare" award in 1993 and they started appearing on the popular television program Bingolotto, for a number of times. Their most recognized hits include "Guld och gröna skogar", "En dag den sommaren", "När ett hjärta har älskat" Band guitarist Conny Ohlson and singer Anders Nordlund have won a Swedish Grammy "Guldklaven" for their work.

Matz Bladhs is a Falkenberg-based Swedish dansband founded in 1968.

Sannex is a dansband from Sweden. They participated at Dansbandskampen in 2009.

Kristian Gidlund

Kristian Olof Erik Gidlund was a Swedish musician and author. He played drums in the rock band Sugarplum Fairy. He hosted Sommar i P1 on Swedish radio and released one book. In 2011 Gidlund was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and died from the disease in 2013 four days short of his 30th birthday.

<i>Sånger ur Trähatten 1982–2000</i> 2001 compilation album by Johan Johansson (KSMB)

Sånger ur Trähatten 1982–2000 is a 2 CD compilation album of Swedish musician Johan Johansson released in 2001.

Leif Bloms was a dansband in Växjö in Sweden. scoring chart successes at the Swedish album chart during the mid-late 1970s. On 31 December 1995 the band was disbanded after singing and playing together for almost 40 years. Starting with the 1981 album Håll dig kvar, the band's singer was Mona Gustafsson, who wrote the band's 1992 song "Dej ska jag älska all min tid" which won the 1992 Hänt song contest in Älvsjö. After the band was disbanded, Mona Gustafsson, Patrik Ahlm and René Saulesco founded another dansband, Mona G:s orkester.

Mona G:s orkester was a dansband in Växjö, Sweden, founded in 1996 in that town by Mona Gustafsson, Patrik Ahlm and René Saulesco, former members of Leif Bloms, which had been disbanded on 31 December 1996. The band's first gig was at "Sommarlust" in Kristianstad during the 1996 Epiphany holiday.

Thor-Erics was a dansband in Hyssna, Sweden. The band was established in 1963 and performed for last time on 27 December 1999. The band appeared at TV in Sweden and Norway several times. Nick Borgen performed with the band by the late 1970s and early 1980s.


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