Tomohiro Kamiyama

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Tomohiro Kamiyama
神山 智洋
Born (1993-07-01) 1 July 1993 (age 27)
  • Idol
  • tarento
  • actor
Years active2004 [2]
Agent Johnny & Associates
Height170 [3]  cm (5 ft 7 in)

Tomohiro Kamiyama (神山 智洋, Kamiyama Tomohiro, born 1 July 1993, in Hyōgo Prefecture) [1] is a Japanese actor, tarento and idol. He is a member of Johnny's West, which is under the management of Johnny & Associates.



In February 2004, Kamiyama joined Johnny & Associates as a Kansai Lesson-sei and worked Johnny's Jr. units Kansai Boy's and Top Kids. [2]

He participated in his first marathon at the 5th Osaka Marathon in 25 October 2015. Although his knees were hurt, Kamiyama finished six hours, 37 minutes and fifteen seconds, but he could not achieve the goal of cutting four hours. [4]


TV dramas

2008Dramatic-J: Riverside Iriguchi KTV
Dramatic-J: Bokura no Miracle SummerAtsushi
2009Samurai Tenkōsei: Ga ga-dō ha Takeshidō NariTomoko Inaba
Dramada-J: Itsuka no Yūjō-bu, NatsuKohei Teruwaki
2010Daremo Shiranai J Gakuen: Parallel SketchShota Takeuchi
2012Tsubasa yo! Are ga Koi no AkaridaToshio Yamashita
2014SharkTetsuhei Adachi NTV
Shark: 2nd Season
Again! Hiro-kun MBS
2016Nobunaga MoyuMori Bōmaru TV Tokyo [5]
2017Dai BinbōYuto Kogure Fuji TV [6]
2017 Blazing Transfer Students Kakeru Kamiyama Netflix
2018 Switched Kōshirō Mizumoto Netflix
2020Tadashii Rock Band no TsukurikataTetsuma Akagawa NTV


2012Ryō Fes: Saigo no NanafushigiKatsumi Toyama
2014Shinobu Johnny Sanjō! Mirai e no TatakaiNinja in the West, Sola


2008Dream Boys
World's Wing Tsubasa Premium 2008
2012Takizawa Kabuki 2012 [7]
2015Blood BrothersEddieCo-starring with Akito Kiriyama [8]
2016Vamp Bamboo Burn [9]

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