Tomoko Ogawa

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Tomoko Ogawa
Personal information
Nationality Japanese
Born (1978-04-14) April 14, 1978 (age 43)
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm) [1]
Weight106 lb (48 kg) [1]
Climbing career
Type of climber
Highest grade
Known for
  • First woman to climb V14  (8B+)
Major ascentsCatharsis

Tomoko Ogawa (尾川 智子, Ogawa Tomoko, born April 14, 1978) is a Japanese boulderer. In 2012, she sent Catharsis, a route in Shiobara established by Dai Koyamada and confirmed by Daniel Woods, to become the first woman ever to climb a V14  (8B+). [2] Since then, only three other women -- Ashima Shiraishi, Shauna Coxsey, and Alex Puccio—have sent problems of that level. Ogawa began climbing in 2000, at age 22. Her other notable ascents include Caramba 8a+, Mutante 8a+, Akugeki 8a/8a+, Atomic Playboy 8a, Hatchling 8a, and No Late Tenders 8a. [2]

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