Tomonari Kanomata

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Tomonari Kanomata
Born (1979-08-04) August 4, 1979 (age 40)
Nationality Japanese
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight145 lb (66 kg; 10.4 st)
Division Featherweight
TeamParaestra Hachioji
Years active2002 - 2014
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout4
By submission6
By decision10
By knockout5
By decision4
Other information
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Tomonari Kanomata (born August 4, 1979) is a Japanese [1] mixed martial artist. [2] He competed in the featherweight and lightweight [3] divisions.

Japanese people are an ethnic group that is native to the Japanese archipelago and modern country of Japan, where they constitute 98.5% of the total population. Worldwide, approximately 129 million people are of Japanese descent; of these, approximately 125 million are residents of Japan. People of Japanese ancestry who live outside Japan are referred to as nikkeijin(日系人), the Japanese diaspora. The term ethnic Japanese is often used to refer to mainland Japanese people, specifically Yamato people. Japanese people are one of the largest ethnic groups in the world.

Mixed martial arts full contact combat sport

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993. The term gained popularity when, then one of the largest websites covering the sport, hosted and republished the article. The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate.

The featherweight division in mixed martial arts refers to different weight classes:


Mixed martial arts record

Professional record breakdown
36 matches20 wins9 losses
By knockout45
By submission60
By decision104
Loss20-9-7 Guy Delumeau Decision (Unanimous)Pancrase: 260August 10, 201435:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw20-8-7Junpei ChikanoDraw (Majority)Pancrase: 257March 30, 201425:00 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Win20-8-6Kazushi SugiyamaDecision (Unanimous)Pancrase: 255December 8, 201325:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss19-8-6Daniel SwainTKO (Punches)Pancrase: 248June 30, 201324:36 Tokyo, Japan
Loss19-7-6Jon ShoresDecision (Unanimous) Pancrase: Impressive Tour 13 December 3, 201135:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss19-6-6 Takumi Nakayama Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase: Impressive Tour 9 September 4, 201135:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win19-5-6Masakazu TakafujiSubmission (Kimura) Pancrase: Impressive Tour 4 May 3, 201114:08 Tokyo, Japan
Win18-5-6Motoshi MiyajiDecision (Unanimous) Pancrase: Impressive Tour 1 February 6, 201125:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win17-5-6Kenji AraiTechnical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Pancrase: Passion Tour 11 December 5, 201010:24 Tokyo, Japan
Draw16-5-6 Shigeki Osawa Draw (Unanimous) Pancrase: Passion Tour 10 November 3, 201035:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win16-5-5Takayoshi OnoTKO (Punches) Pancrase: Passion Tour 7 August 8, 201023:40 Tokyo, Japan
Loss15-5-5 Marlon Sandro KO (Punch) World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku Raiden Championships 12 March 7, 201010:09 Tokyo, Japan
Win15-4-5Shigeyuki UchiyamaDecision (Majority) Pancrase: Passion Tour 1 February 7, 201025:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win14-4-5Kenji AraiDecision (Unanimous) Pancrase: Changing Tour 8 December 6, 200935:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw13-4-5Kenji AraiDraw (Majority) Pancrase: Changing Tour 6 October 25, 200925:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw13-4-4Tashiro NishiuchiDraw Pancrase: Changing Tour 4 August 8, 200925:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss13-4-3Yoshihiro KoyamaDecision (Unanimous)GCM: Cage Force EXFebruary 28, 200935:00 Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan
Win13-3-3Eriya MatsudaSubmission (Armbar)GCM: Cage Force 9December 6, 200810:30 Tokyo, Japan
Win12-3-3Djamal KurbanovDecision (Unanimous)FEFoMP: Mayor Cup 2008October 25, 200835:00 Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia
Loss11-3-3 Mizuto Hirota TKO (Punches)GCM: Cage Force 6April 5, 200811:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss11-2-3Artur OumakhanovTKO (Cut)GCM: Cage Force EX Eastern BoundNovember 11, 200722:54
Win11-1-3Wataru TakahashiDecision (Unanimous)GCM: Cage Force 3June 9, 200735:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win10-1-3Jacob SidicTKO (Punches)GCM: Cage Force 2March 17, 200710:09 Tokyo, Japan
Win9-1-3Jarkko LatomakiSubmission (Triangle Choke)CWFC: Showdown 2November 19, 200611:13 Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber, England
Win8-1-3Peter IrvingTKO (Punches)CWFC: Showdown 2November 19, 200623:36 Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber, England
Win7-1-3Bryan CohenTKO (Punches)CWFC: Showdown 2November 19, 200610:57 Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber, England
Win6-1-3Yasunori KaneharaDecision (Majority)GCM: D.O.G. 7September 9, 200625:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win5-1-3Yoichi FukumotoDecision (Majority)GCM: D.O.G. 6June 11, 200635:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win4-1-3 Wataru Miki Decision (Unanimous) Shooto: 9/23 in Korakuen Hall September 23, 200525:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw3-1-3Kabuto KokageDraw Shooto: Rookie Tournament 2004 Final November 25, 200425:00 Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Draw3-1-2Ganjo TentsukuDraw Shooto 2004: 7/4 in Kitazawa Town Hall July 4, 200425:00 Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Win3-1-1 Takayuki Okochi Decision (Unanimous) Shooto 2004: 5/3 in Korakuen Hall May 3, 200425:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss2-1-1Nobuhiro ObiyaTKO (Punches) Shooto: Who is Young Leader! October 31, 200310:11 Tokyo, Japan
Win2-0-1Masaya TakitaSubmission (Armbar) Shooto: 5/4 in Korakuen Hall May 4, 200314:49 Tokyo, Japan
Win1-0-1Yoshinori AmariSubmission (Armbar) Shooto: 1/24 in Korakuen Hall January 24, 200314:16 Tokyo, Japan
Draw0-0-1Nobuhiro ObiyaDraw Shooto: Treasure Hunt 11 November 15, 200225:00 Tokyo, Japan

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