Tomonobu Shimizu

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Tomonobu Shimizu
Real nameTomonobu Shimizu
Nickname(s)Speed Star [1] [2]
Weight(s) Super Flyweight
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Nationality Japanese
Born (1981-06-28) 28 June 1981 (age 39)
Fukui, Fukui, Japan
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights24
Wins by KO9

Tomonobu Shimizu (清水 智信, Shimizu Tomonobu, born June 28, 1981) is a Japanese professional boxer who is a former WBA super flyweight champion. He is an alumnus of the Tokyo University of Agriculture. [3]



Shimizu had an amateur record of 68–10 (25 KOs). He turned to professional and made his debut in March 2004. He is managed by Kentarō Kaneko's Kaneko Boxing Gym and trained under Kenji Kaneko's guidance. [3]

In April 2007, Shimizu lost to Pongsaklek Wonjongkam in the WBC flyweight championship in Sara Buri, Thailand. Then he captured the Japanese flyweight title in April 2008. After losing his second world title shot against Daisuke Naito at the Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan, in July of that year, he defeated the interim champion Toshiyuki Igarashi in the Japanese title unification match and defended that title three more times.

WBA super flyweight title

Shimizu moved up in weight division and won the WBA super flyweight title with a split decision over Hugo Cázares at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, on August 31, 2011. It was presented by Kameda Promotions. [3] At first, WBA's Gilberto Mendoza did not approve this fight. [4] However it was authorized at the last minute. [5] He suffered a fracture of the right orbital floor in that fight. Although it took three months to recover, [6] the prospects for recovery were clear, and Shimizu had started training for the first defense that would take place in around March 2012. [7] Nevertheless, the JBC (Japan Boxing Commission) indefinitely-suspended second Shirō Kameda, and identically the JBC indefinitely-suspended promoter Noriyuki Igarashi (both from Kameda Promotions) [7] requested that the scheduled interim WBA super flyweight title match Tepparith Kokietgym vs. Daiki Kameda would be elevated to the regular title bout at the WBA Championship Committee in Donetsk, Ukraine. [8] [* 1] [* 2] As a result of that, Shimizu was designated as a champion in recess on November 10, 2011. [11]

Shimizu who has recovered from injury enough to do his usual training including sparring, and his manager Kaneko held a press conference on 29 November. Shimizu stated that he would fight against anyone as a champion. The team Shimizu strongly demanded a retraction and complained that the bout between Tepparith and Kameda should be taken place as an intern championship or a title eliminator. [12] Kaneko Boxing Gym submitted a questionnaire with the December 5 deadline to the JBC. [* 3] The team Shimizu mentioned that they would give up the title, if they can not get a coherent answer. The WBA's decision to make Shimizu a champion in recess has been controversial in Japan, and it has been continuously reported in the major media such as three major newspapers. [13] [14] [15] [16] Although Kaneko Boxing Gym were given the almost zero response from the JBC, as the maximum concession, they barely accepted the status quo on condition that the unification match is early implemented. [17] [18] [* 4]

Shimizu fought against Tepparith Kokietgym in the WBA super flyweight unification bout at the Yokohama Arena on April 4, 2012. [* 5] It was staged again by Kameda Promotions who had also had the exclusive promotional rights for the future title defense ahead of Simizu. [21] Shimizu lost there via a ninth round stoppage. [22] After the fight, Shimizu mentioned that he would not waste the last six months where he grew both as a boxer and as a person. [23]

Professional boxing record

19 Wins (9 Knockouts), 4 Defeats (4 Knockouts), 1 Draw [24]
Res.RecordOpponentTypeRd., TimeDateLocationNotes
Loss19-4-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Tepparith Singwancha TKO9 (12), 2:152012-04-04 Flag of Japan.svg Yokohama Arena, Yokohama Lost WBA Super Flyweight title
Win19-3-1 Flag of Mexico.svg Hugo Fidel Cazares SD122011-08-31 Flag of Japan.svg Nihon Budokan, Tokyo Won WBA Super Flyweight title
Win18-3-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Petchek SithkorpolkanpimTKO4 (8), 0:262011-04-02 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win17-3-1 Flag of Japan.svg Kewpie KanazawaTKO6 (10), 0:362010-08-09 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Retained Japanese Flyweight title
Win16-3-1 Flag of Japan.svg Takayasu KobayashiTKO7 (10), 0:592010-02-08 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Retained Japanese Flyweight title
Win15-3-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Wisan Sor SuchanyaTKO5 (10), 2:192009-09-10 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Draw14-3-1 Flag of Japan.svg Shigetaka IkeharaTD2 (10), 0:572009-04-19 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Retained Japanese Flyweight title
Win14-3 Flag of Japan.svg Toshiyuki Igarashi UD102008-12-23 Flag of Japan.svg Kokugikan, Tokyo Retained Japanese Flyweight title
Loss13-3 Flag of Japan.svg Daisuke Naito KO10 (12), 0:572008-07-30 Flag of Japan.svg Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo For WBC Flyweight title
Win13-2 Flag of Japan.svg Kenji YoshidaUD102008-04-14 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Won Japanese Flyweight title
Win12-2 Flag of Thailand.svg Saknipon SingmanasakTKO5 (10), 2:402007-12-04 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win11-2 Flag of Japan.svg Yasushi MatsushitaTD5 (10), 2:072007-07-22 Flag of Japan.svg Sun Dome Fukui, Echizen
Loss10-2 Flag of Thailand.svg Pongsaklek Wonjongkam RTD7 (12), 3:002007-04-06 Flag of Thailand.svg Tabkwang Stadium, Sara Buri For WBC Flyweight title
Win10-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Fahpetchnoi Sor ChitpattanaUD102007-01-21 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win9-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Vinai Wor SurapolTKO4 (10), 0:512006-09-12 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win8-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Prabpram PorpreechaTKO7 (10), 0:302006-06-19 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win7-1 Flag of Japan.svg Kenji YoshidaUD82006-03-15 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win6-1 Flag of Japan.svg Hiroyuki Hisataka UD82005-10-19 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win5-1 Flag of Japan.svg Minoru MasudaTKO6 (8), 2:572005-08-29 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win4-1 Flag of Japan.svg Tetsuya KawakamiUD82005-08-29 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win3-1 Flag of Japan.svg Hiromi FujizakiUD62005-03-17 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win2-1 Flag of Japan.svg Hyobu NakagamaUD62004-12-01 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Loss1-1 Flag of Thailand.svg Kaennakorn KlongpajolTKO1 (6), 2:052004-07-23 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Win1-0 Flag of Japan.svg Jitsuo MizokamiTKO2 (6), 1:412004-03-12 Flag of Japan.svg Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Professional Debut

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  1. Kaneko Boxing Gym and Kameda Gym are both members of the East Japan Boxing Association. The Association, in principle, has deemed that it is inappropriate that boxing gyms (that are members of the Association), or people not licensed by the JBC, negotiate directly with the championship sanctioning bodies on issues surrounding the fights of the JBC licensed boxers, and has decided that the JBC would serve as a point man in such instances, in November 2009. [9]
  2. The JBC has not allowed the intern championships to be held in Japan without a legitimate reason such as illnesses and injuries, from February 28, 2011. [10]
  3. In that questionnaire, Kaneko Boxing Gym has asked for the definition of what the WBA's champion in recess is, a solid evidence-based hierarchy between a champion in recess and a regular champion, the reason why the JBC did not allow the intern championship in this case, the disclosure of the official document where they designated Shimizu as the champion in recess and approve Tepparith vs. Kameda as a regular championship, and so on. [13]
  4. With intense criticism for the WBA and Kameda Promotions, some point out the overall lack of international political power of Japan's boxing gyms. [19]
  5. The day before the fight, the WBA supervisor Alan Kim announced that a draw result would make both boxers co-regular champions to be demanded a direct rematch in order to decide a sole regular champion. [20]

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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Hugo Cázares
WBA Super Flyweight Champion
August 31, 2011 November 10, 2011
Status changed
Succeeded by
Tepparith Singwancha
Interim Champion promoted
Vacant WBA Super Flyweight Champion
Champion in Recess

November 10, 2011 April 4, 2012
Titles unified by Tepparith Singwancha