Tomorrow Will Be Better

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Tomorrow will be Better (simplified Chinese :明天会更好; traditional Chinese :明天會更好; pinyin :Míngtiān huì Gènghǎo) is a song written by Taiwanese songwriter Lo Ta-yu. It was recorded on 15 September 1985 and released on 25 October 1985 and was directly inspired by the UK charity single Do They Know It's Christmas? in order to raise money for World Vision International to help with aid to Africa.


The song was originally sung in Mandarin Chinese and the more than sixty Taiwanese artists involved in the original recording were from the four main Chinese music industry markets of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

ArtistMarketSong segment
Tsai Chin (蔡琴)Taiwan1st verse line 1; 3rd and 6th chorus
Yu Tian (余天)Taiwan1st verse line 2; 3rd, 5th and 6th chorus
Su Rui (蘇芮)Taiwan1st verse line 3; chorus; 3rd, 4th and 6th chorus; 6th and 7th harmony
Michelle Pan (潘越雲)Taiwan1st verse line 4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Jenny Tseng (甄妮)China/Hong Kong district2nd verse line 1; 3rd and 6th chorus
Li Jianfu (李建复)Taiwan2nd verse line 2/4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Monique Lin (林慧萍)Taiwan2nd verse line 3; 3rd and 6th chorus
Jeanette Wang (王芷蕾)Taiwan2nd verse line 4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Tracy Huang (黃鶯鶯)Taiwan1st chorus line 1-2; 3rd and 6th chorus
Chris Hung (洪榮宏)Taiwan1st chorus line 3-4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Sarah Chen (陳淑樺)Taiwan3rd verse line 1; 3rd and 6th chorus
Delphine Chin (金智娟/娃娃)Taiwan3rd verse line 2; 3rd and 6th chorus
Wang Mon Ling (王夢麟)Taiwan3rd verse line 3-4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Li Peijing (李佩菁)Hong Kong district3rd verse line 4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Fei Yu-Ching (費玉清)Taiwan2nd, 3rd and 6th chorus
Chyi Yu (齊豫)Taiwan4th verse line 1; 3rd and 6th chorus
Jeng Yi (鄭怡)Taiwan4th verse line 2; 3rd and 6th chorus
Jody Chiang (江蕙)Taiwan4th verse line 3; 3rd and 6th chorus
Yang Lin (楊林)4th verse line 4; 3rd and 6th chorus
Chyi Chin (齊秦)Taiwan3rd and 4th chorus; 5th and 7th harmony
Eric Moo (巫啟賢)Malaysia3rd and 6th chorus
Bao Xiaosong (包小松)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
Bao Xiaobo (包小柏)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
Sunnie Wang (王日昇)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
Wen Zhang (文章)Indonesia/Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
Ng Guan Seng (黃元成) from Straw (水草三重唱)Singapore3rd and 6th chorus
Billy Koh (许环良) from Straw (水草三重唱)Singapore3rd and 6th chorus
John Koh (许南盛) from Straw (水草三重唱)Singapore3rd and 6th chorus
Bao Weiming (包偉銘)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
江音傑3rd and 6th chorus
Jonathan Lee (李宗盛)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
吳大衛3rd and 6th chorus
林禹勝3rd and 6th chorus
Shi Hsiao-rong (施孝榮)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
岳雷Singapore3rd and 6th chorus
Hsu Nai-lin (徐乃麟)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
徐瑋3rd and 6th chorus
姚乙3rd and 6th chorus
陳黎鐘3rd and 7th chorus
黃慧文3rd and 6th chorus
張海漢3rd and 6th chorus
Angus Tung (童安格)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
楊烈3rd and 6th chorus
楊耀東3rd and 6th chorus
廖小維3rd and 6th chorus
羅吉鎮3rd and 6th chorus
鍾有道3rd and 6th chorus
張艾嘉3rd and 6th chorus
Stella Chang (張清芳)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
成鳳3rd and 6th chorus
李靜 (from 百合二重唱)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
周月綺 (from 百合二重唱)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
Li Bihua 李碧華Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
何春蘭3rd and 6th chorus
芊苓3rd and 6th chorus
林淑蓉3rd and 6th chorus
Tai Zhoumei 邰肇玫Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus
唐曉詩3rd and 6th chorus
麥瑋婷3rd and 6th chorus
許慧慧3rd and 6th chorus
賴佩霞3rd and 6th chorus
Pauline Lan (藍心湄)Taiwan3rd and 6th chorus

In 1985, some Hong Kong singers sang a Cantonese lyrics rewriting of the song in 1985 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation. In 2010, many Taiwan singers made another MV of the song.

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