Tomsk-7 (band)

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Also known as
  • Tomsk 7
  • Tomsk7
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Years active1996–1999
Past members
  • Sarah Salas
  • Aaron Boe
  • David Voelkl
  • Garey Snider

Tomsk-7 is a defunct American grindcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. The group released material on split recordings and various artists compilations during the late 1990s. The band's name was inspired by the Tomsk-7 nuclear accident. [1]

Grindcore is an extreme fusion genre of heavy metal and hardcore punk that originated in the mid-1980s, drawing inspiration from abrasive-sounding musical styles, such as: thrashcore, crust punk, hardcore punk, extreme metal, and industrial. Grindcore is characterized by a noise-filled sound that uses heavily distorted, down-tuned guitars, grinding overdriven bass, high speed tempo, blast beats, and vocals which consist of growls and high-pitched shrieks. Early groups like Napalm Death are credited with laying the groundwork for the style. It is most prevalent today in North America and Europe, with popular contributors such as Brutal Truth and Nasum. Lyrical themes range from a primary focus on social and political concerns, to gory subject matter and black humor.

Phoenix, Arizona State capital city in Arizona, United States

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city of Arizona, with 1,660,272 people. It is also the fifth most populous city in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.

A split album is a music album which includes tracks by two or more separate artists. There have been singles and EPs of the same variety, which are often called "split singles" and "split EPs" respectively. Split albums differ from "various artists" compilation albums in that they generally include several tracks of each artist, or few artists with one or two tracks each, instead of multiple artists with only one or two tracks each.




Split recordings

YearAlbum informationFormatsRef
1997 Tomsk-7 / Boris
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Bovine Records (#BO43)
7" [2] [3]
1999Tomsk-7 / Idi Amin
  • Released: 1999
  • Label: Satan's Pimp Records (PMP-026)
7" [4] [5]


1998"Motel Hello"Songs of the DeadApe Records [6] [7]
"South Of Heaven"Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War Slap a Ham Records [8] [9]
"Blade Runner"Accidental Double Homicide!!Satan's Pimp Records [10] [11]

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