Tonale Pass

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Tonale Pass
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Tonale Pass
Elevation 1,883 m (6,178 ft)
Location Lombardy/Trentino, Italy
Range Rhaetian Alps
Adamello-Presanella Alps
Coordinates 46°15′29″N10°34′51″E / 46.25806°N 10.58083°E / 46.25806; 10.58083 Coordinates: 46°15′29″N10°34′51″E / 46.25806°N 10.58083°E / 46.25806; 10.58083
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Tonale Pass
Tonale Pass

Tonale Pass (Italian : Passo del Tonale) (el. 1883 m./6178 ft.) is a high mountain pass in northern Italy across the Rhaetian Alps, between Lombardy and Trentino.

It connects Valcamonica and Val di Sole. It is delimited by the Ortler Alps to the north and the Adamello range to the south.

The pass has hotels and shops for tourists in winter, as the land around the pass is used for winter sports - mainly skiing (see Adamello Ski Raid) and snowboarding.

During World War I the place was heavily fought for between Italians holding Western side (Lombardy) and the troops of Habsburg Empire holding the Eastern side (Trentino). A memorial for the fallen Italian soldiers was erected during the fascist period.

WW I memorial (Monumento Ossario) on Passo del Tonale Passo Tonale Monument.jpg
WW I memorial (Monumento Ossario) on Passo del Tonale

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Martin Riz is an Italian ski mountaineer.

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