Toni Milanović

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Toni Milanović
BornToni Milanović
(1990-03-25) March 25, 1990 (age 30)
Split, Croatia
Nationality Croatian
Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight93.3 kg (206 lb; 14 st 10 lb)
Style Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Stance Orthodox
TeamAmeno Gym 2008
Joker Gym 2011
Terminator Gym
Pit Bull Split 2014
TrainerMarko Zaja, Gordan Vatavuk
Years activesince 2006
Kickboxing record
By knockout9
Amateur record
last updated on: August 31, 2014

Toni Milanović is a Croatian Cruiserweight kickboxer fighting out of Split, Croatia.


Career and biography

On November 24, 2012, Milanović won Souboj Titánů, a four-man tournament under K-1 rules in Plzeň, Czech Republic. In the semifinals, Jan Tůma was two times in knockdown. In the final Keclik also suffered knockdown and Milanović he took deserved victory over David Keclik. He was awarded King of the titans title as the best fighter on the tournament, who was invited only one day before it happened. [1]

On December 9, 2012, he was scheduled to fight best Serbian kickboxer Nenad Pagonis on Supreme Fighting Championship organisation, but the opponent withdrew from the fight due to injury. However he faced much heavier Serbian fighter Dragan Jovanović; he weighed 104 kg (229 lb) and Milanović around 94 kg (207 lb). Jovanović was gold medalist in W.A.K.O. European Championships in Ankara, Turkey 2012. Milanović won the fight by unanimous judges' decision. The fight was held in Supreme FC organisation. [2] [3] [4]

He faced Jason Wilnis in a super fight at K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Final in Zagreb, Croatia on March 15, 2013, in the -85 kg category. Before the fight he said: "May plan is to prove in the near future that I'm the best fighter in the world in this weight class". [5] At official weigh-ins, Milanović weighed 84.8 kg. [6] However, he lost the fight in the first round.

He took a unanimous decision victory over Ibrahim El Bouni at Final Fight Championship 3: Jurković vs. Cătinaș in Split, Croatia, on April 19, 2013. [7]

Doping suspension

In 2012, Milanović was banned for 4 years by the Disciplinary Commission of the Croatian Muaythai Federation after in 2010 he tested positive for three banned substances, including boldenone, salbutamol and methylhexanamine. Initially, he was suspended for only 1 year by the same federation but World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. [8]




Kickboxing record

Professional kickboxing record
2015-11-28Loss Flag of Moldova.svg Alexandru BurdujaVenum Victory World Series 2015, Semifinals [11] Paris, France Decision33:00
2015-10-23Loss Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ondřej Hutník Heroes Gate 15 Prague, Czech Republic Decision33:00
2015-05-30Loss Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Jan Soukup Obračun u Ringu 13 [12] Split, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2015-04-11Win Flag of Romania.svg Lucian Danilencu Oktagon 2015: 20 years edition, Final Milan, Italy Ext. R. TKO (Towel Thrown)4
Wins Venum Victory World Series -95 kg Elimination Tournament Title. [13]
2015-04-11Win Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Chris Kaje KojoOktagon 2015: 20 years edition, Semifinals Milan, Italy Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2014-12-20Loss Flag of Brazil.svg Felipe Micheletti WGP 24 São Paulo, Brazil Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2014-08-25Win Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Draženko ČosovićObračun u Ringu 12 [14] Vis, Croatia KO (Punches)1
2014-07-03Win Flag of Austria.svg Labinot ZekajNight of Gladiators 9 Dubrovnik, Croatia TKO (Right Hand)1
2013-04-18Win Flag of Morocco.svg Ibrahim El Bouni FFC03: Jurković vs. Cătinaș Split, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2013-03-15Loss Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jason Wilnis K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Final, Super Fight Zagreb, Croatia TKO1
2012-12-09Win Flag of Serbia.svg Dragan Jovanović Supreme FC Belgrade, Serbia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2012-11-24Win Flag of Austria.svg David KeclikSouboj Titánů, Final Plzeň, Czech Republic Decision (Split)33:00
Wins "Souboj Titánů" tournament. He was given the title "King of the titans" as the best fighter of the tournament.
2012-11-24Win Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Jan TůmaSouboj Titánů, Semifinals Plzeň, Czech Republic Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2012-10-20Loss Flag of Romania.svg Andrei Stoica SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix IV 2012 Arad, Romania Decision (Split)33:00
2012-06-30Loss Flag of France.svg Stéphane Susperregui F.A.S.T. gala Bayonne, France Decision (Unanimous)3:00
2012-03-10Loss Flag of Armenia.svg Sahak Parparyan Cro Cop Final Fight Zagreb, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2012-02-10Win Flag of Croatia.svg Igor Mihaljević VVVF - Veni Vidi Vici Fights Karlovac, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2011-05-01Win Flag of Hungary.svg Tibor Nagy W.A.K.O. Pro WGP Croatia vs Hungary, quarterfinal Budapest, Hungary Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2010-07-17Win Flag of Hungary.svg Imre TorokSvpetrvs Fight Night 3 Supetar, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2009-07-18Win Flag of Croatia.svg Ivan KulićSvpetrvs Fight Night 2 Supetar, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)33:00
2009-03-22Loss Flag of Croatia.svg Agron Preteni K-1 ColliZion 2009 Croatia Split, Croatia Decision (unanimous)33:00
Amateur kickboxing record
2016-10-28Loss Flag of Russia.svg Elmar GuseinovW.A.K.O European Championships 2016, Low-Kick Semifinals -91 kg Maribor, Slovenia 0:332:00
Wins W.A.K.O. European Championship '16 Low-Kick Bronze Medal -91 kg.
2015-03-21Loss Flag of Croatia.svg Ante VerunicaCroatian Kickboxing Championship, K-1 Final +91 kg Slunj, Croatia Decision (Split)32:00
Wins Croatian Kickboxing Championship K-1 Rules Silver Medal +91 kg. [15]
2015-03-21Win Flag of Croatia.svg Senad RamakićCroatian Kickboxing Championship, K-1 Semifinals +91 kg Slunj, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2014-04-12Loss Flag of Croatia.svg Nato CvitanCroatian Kickboxing Championship, Low-kick Semifinals +91 kg Poreč, Croatia No Fight
Wins Croatian Kickboxing Championship Low-kick Bronze Medal +91 kg. [16]
2014-04-12Win Flag of Croatia.svg Bože BagarićCroatian Kickboxing Championship, Low-kick Quarterfinals +91 kg Poreč, Croatia Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2013-05-18Win Flag of Croatia.svg Matijas BarićCroatian Kickboxing Championship, Low-kick Final -86 kg Šibenik, Croatia Walk Over
Wins Croatian Kickboxing Championship Low-kick Gold Medal -86 kg. [17]
2013-05-18Win Flag of Croatia.svg Fatmir DeskajCroatian Kickboxing Championship, Low-kick Semifinals -86 kg Šibenik, Croatia Walk Over
2013-05-18Win Flag of Croatia.svg Marino ŠestanCroatian Kickboxing Championship, Low-kick Quarterfinals -86 kg Šibenik, Croatia Walk Over
2011-11-02Loss Flag of Russia.svg Alexei Papin W.A.K.O World Championships 2011, Low-Kick Final -91 kg Skopje, Macedonia Decision (Unanimous)32:00
Wins W.A.K.O. World Championship '11 Low-Kick Silver Medal -91 kg. [18]
2011-10-28Win Flag of Serbia.svg Jovan KaluđerovićW.A.K.O World Championships 2011, Low-Kick Semifinals -91 kg [19] Skopje, Macedonia Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2011-10-25Win Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Denis MarijanovićW.A.K.O World Championships 2011, Low-Kick Quarterfinals -91 kg [20] Skopje, Macedonia Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2010-10-24Loss Flag of Russia.svg Alexei Papin W.A.K.O European Championships 2010, Low-Kick Final -91 kg Baku, Azerbaijan Decision (Unanimous)32:00
Wins W.A.K.O. European Championship '10 Low-Kick Silver Medal -91 kg.
2010-10-22Win Flag of Slovenia.svg Uroš VeličevićW.A.K.O European Championships 2010, Low-Kick Semifinals -91 kg [21] Baku, Azerbaijan Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2010-10-21Win Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Sarxan DjabakovW.A.K.O European Championships 2010, Low-Kick Quarterfinals -91 kg Baku, Azerbaijan Decision (Split)32:00
2009-10-24Loss Flag of Slovakia.svg Michal HromekW.A.K.O World Championships 2010, Low-Kick Semifinals -86 kg Villach, Austria Decision (Unanimous)32:00
Wins W.A.K.O. World Championship '12 Low-Kick Bronze Medal -86 kg.
2009-05-10Win Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Miloš GolčićW.A.K.O Super World Cup 2009, Low-kick Final -91 kg Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Decision (Unanimous)32:00
Wins W.A.K.O. World Cup '09 Low-kick Gold Medal -91 kg.
2009-05-??Win Flag of Serbia.svg Marko MilinkovićW.A.K.O Super World Cup 2009, Low-kick Semifinals -91 kg Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Decision (Unanimous)32:00
2008-09-??Loss Flag of Croatia.svg Agron Preteni W.A.K.O Junior World Championships 2008, Low-kick Final -86 kg [22] Naples, Italy Decision (Unanimous)32:00
Wins W.A.K.O. Junior World Championship '08 Low-kick Silver Medal -86 kg.
2008-09-??Win Flag of Russia.svg Spartak RomanovW.A.K.O Junior World Championships 2008, Low-kick Semifinals -86 kg Naples, Italy Decision (Split)32:00
2008-09-??Win Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Josip SemrenW.A.K.O Junior World Championships 2008, Low-kick Quarterfinals -86 kg Naples, Italy Decision (Unanimous)32:00

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