Toni Santagata

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Toni Santagata
Toni Santagata (1983)
Antonio Morese

9 December 1935 (1935-12-09) (age 85)
OccupationSinger, comedian, actor

Toni Santagata, stage name of Antonio Morese (born 9 December 1935 in Sant'Agata di Puglia) is an Italian folk singer, composer, comedian and actor. He is sometimes credited as Tony Santagata or Alfonso Santagata.


Life and career

Toni Santagata (2009) Toni Santagata nel 2009.jpeg
Toni Santagata (2009)

Born in Sant'Agata di Puglia, Foggia, Santagata debuted as a comedian at the Derby club in Milan, with the show Toni Santagata e il suo cabaret, later also released as an album. [1] In the following years he embraced folk music, both recording some classics of the Apulian tradition and composing songs. [1] In 1973 Santagata won the folk section of Canzonissima with "Lu maritiello"; the song was also his major hit, peaking at the sixth place on the Italian hit parade. [1] [2]



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