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Toni Storaro
(Тони Стораро) (Истинско име - Тунчер Фикрет Али)
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Background information
Born (1976-08-02) 2 August 1976 (age 44)
Shumen, Bulgaria
Genres Chalga
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
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Toni Storaro

Toni Storaro (Bulgarian : Тони Стораро) (born in Shumen, Bulgaria, on 2 August 1976) [1] is a Bulgarian artist of turkish origin. He is a leading performer on the Bulgarian music label Diapason Records (Bulgarian : Диапазон Рекърдс).



Toni Storaro, born Tuncher Fikret Ali, has established himself as one of the established names in Bulgarian popular and chalga music. A prolific artist, in 15 years, he produced 11 albums in Bulgarian and Turkish languages and around 30 hits. He is known for his warm, rich, deep and unique voice with rich ornamentation mixing various Balkan influences (Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek and Serb). His 2005 album "For a woman" (Bulgarian : За една жена) with various Balkan songs recorded in Germany was a huge hit with multiple singles and an eventual "Виртуозно майсторство" (virtuoso mastery) coveted award at the 8th Annual Awards for New "Folk" (Bulgarian : Годишни награди на "Нов фолк"). In 2007 came awards for Best Artist at the First Fan TV (Фен ТВ) Music Awards and Best Singer Award at the 10th Annual Awards for "New Folk".

He has had collaborations with Yordanka Hristova, Djansever, Sofi Marinova, Tanya Boeva, Teodora and Bulgaria's icon Azis, as well as Serbian Jovana Tipšin and Turkish Burak Aziz. He also enjoys immense popularity abroad among Bulgarian and Balkan diaspora, with many tours in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the United States. Many of his songs have been covered by other Balkan artists, most notably by Serbian Dragana Mirković and Macedonian Toše Proeski and others. He was given a huge reception in Turkey on 2 June 2006 singing in the Turkish megastar Tarkan's concert. He followed that with a big concert in Greece where his voice is usually compared to that of Greek star Vasilis Karras and dubbed "Bulgaria's Karras". His famous song "For a Woman" (Bulgarian : "За една жена") was interpreted on the second season of Bulgarian Music Idol . 2008 saw the release of his 11th album with all brand new songs, that brought him again awards for Best Artist at the 2nd Fan TV (Фен ТВ) Music Awards, Best Singer at the 11th Annual Awards for "New Folk" as well as the title for "Best Singer of Love Songs" on radio station Romantica.







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