Toni Ucci

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Toni Ucci
Toni Ucci l'assassino.png
Ucci in The Assassin (1961)
Antonio Ucci

(1922-01-13)13 January 1922
Rome, Italy
Died16 or 19 February 2014(2014-02-19) (aged 92)
Rome, Italy
Years active1948-2000

Antonio "Toni" Ucci (13 January 1922 16 or 19 February 2014) [1] [2] was an Italian actor and comedian. He appeared in 86 films between 1948 and 2000.


Born in Rome, he started his career in the revue and got his first successes in cabaret. [3] Ucci worked assiduously in the theater, playing comedies of all genres, including musical comedies. [3] He had a distinguished career as a character actor in films and, since 1959, in television films and series. [3]

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