Tonino Ricci

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Tonino Ricci
Born23 October 1927
Died9 March 2014
Rome, Italy
Occupation Film director, screenwriter, film producer

Tonino Ricci (23 October 1927 – 9 March 2014), sometimes credited as Anthony Richmond, [1] [2] was an Italian film director and screenwriter. Ricci was born Teodoro Ricci in Rome on October 23, 1927. [2] He began working in film as an assistant director in the early 1960s and is credited in such films as The Mercenaries (1961), Sword of the Conqueror (1961), and Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1968). [2] He made his directorial debut with the 1969 war film Salt in the Wound . [2]


Ricci died March 9, 2014 in Rome. [2]


Assistant director

As director

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