Tono (singer)

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Tono (都乃)
櫻井 都乃(さくらい さとの)
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BornOctober 31
Other names
  • Satono (solo)
  • Tono (Pepesale)
  • Singer
  • Actress
Years activeSeptember 24, 2008 - present
Website 都乃/Satono Official Blog

Tono (都乃, born October 31)[ citation needed ] is a Japanese actress and singer. She sings in "Pepessale". She is from Shizuoka. [1]



On September 24, 2008, Tono made her debut as a member of chorus unit "M". She sang melody and low parts. Her first single reached 14th on the Oricon chart. Her second single was 20th in Oricon chart, and her third single was 38th on Oricon.

On May 1, 2010, she lefy "M" [2] and her solo career as R&B singer Tono (都乃). [3] On April 1, 2013, she changed her solo career name to Satono. In 2014 she joined Pepsale, as Tono (都乃). [4] She writes songs for Pepesale and for herself as Satono. [4] While performing live, she began live streaming (TwitCasting and Showroom) to spread her music across the world.

She served as swing of the Toho musical Rent (2015 Japan version). [5] [6]

She mastered six-stage calligraphy, [7] and was influenced by relatives who do Japanese flower arrangement and Japanese tea ceremony. [8]



Concert (Pepesale)


Live Streaming


Single CD (M)

#Release DateTitle
1stSeptember 24, 2008Sing a song forever
2ndJune 3, 2009Bang ! Bang ! Bang
3rdFebruary 3, 2010Kirei no Chikara / Tsubasa

* Posted only for the CD when Tono was in the unit [12]

Album CD (Pepesale)

#Release DateTitle
1stFebruary 11, 2014Stelet Parade [13]
2ndSeptember 19, 2014Magic Genic [13]
3rdJuly 11, 2015Cobalt Sketcher [13]

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