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Tonomura (written: 外村) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Akira Tonomura physicist

Akira Tonomura was a Japanese physicist, best known for his development of electron holography and his experimental verification of the Aharonov–Bohm effect.

Hisashi (musician) musician

Hisashi Tonomura, better known by his stage name HISASHI, is a Japanese musician best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Glay. He is particularly associated with the brand Tokai, designing a series of personal signature guitars, based on their Talbo model.

Shigeru Tonomura Japanese writer

Shigeru Tonomura was a Japanese author of I novels. Kanji of his real name was 外村 茂, but it was same reading as the pen name.

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A surname, family name, or last name is the portion of a personal name that indicates a person's family. Depending on the culture, all members of a family unit may have identical surnames or there may be variations based on the cultural rules.

Korean name Naming customs of Korean culture

A Korean name consists of a family name followed by a given name, as used by the Korean people in both South Korea and North Korea. In the Korean language, ireum or seongmyeong usually refers to the family name (seong) and given name together.

Japanese names in modern times usually consist of a family name (surname), followed by a given name. More than one given name is not generally used. Japanese names are usually written in kanji, which are characters usually Chinese in origin but Japanese in pronunciation. The kanji for a name may have a variety of possible Japanese pronunciations, hence parents might use hiragana or katakana when giving a birth name to their newborn child. Names written in hiragana or katakana are phonetic renderings, and so lack the visual meaning of names expressed in the logographic kanji.

A personal name or full name is the set of names by which an individual is known and that can be recited as a word-group, with the understanding that, taken together, they all relate to that one individual. In many cultures, the term is synonymous with the birth name or legal name of the individual. The academic study of personal names is called anthroponymy.

Hirosaki City in Tōhoku, Japan

Hirosaki is a city located in western Aomori Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 December 2017, the city had an estimated population of 174,171 in 71,823 households, and a population density of 330 persons per km2. The total area of the city is 524.20 square kilometres (202.39 sq mi).

Gokashō, Shiga human settlement in Japan

Gokashō was a town located in Kanzaki District, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

Hōtoku Japanese era

Hōtoku (宝徳) was a Japanese era name after Bun'an and before Kyotoku. This period spanned the years from July 1449 through July 1452. The reigning emperor was Go-Hanazono-tennō (後花園天皇).

Kumi Sakuma is a Japanese voice actress who formerly affiliated with Arts Vision and is now affiliated with Amuleto.

In the Philippines, varying naming customs are observed, whether it is given name first, family name last, a mixture of native conventions with those of neighbouring territories, etc. The most common iteration amongst Filipinos is a blend of the older Spanish system and Anglo-American conventions, where there is a distinction between the "Christian name" from "surname". The construct of having several names in the middle name convention is common to all systems, but to have multiple "first" names and only one middle and last name is a result of the blending of American and Spanish naming customs. The Tagalog language is one of the few national languages in Asia to use the Western name order while formally uses the eastern name order. Thus, the Philippine naming custom is coincidentally identical to the Spanish and Portuguese name customs and to an extent Chinese naming customs.

Matthew "Matt" Smith is a Canadian voice actor. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Smith works in Vancouver, British Columbia with Ocean Productions.

Sōta Aoyama is a Japanese male actor. He is best known for originating the role of Sadaharu Inui of the first generation Seigaku cast of the Prince of Tennis musical series, Tenimyu, and also played the role of Kaito Toma, the human host of Ultraman Max in the 2005 Ultraman Max series.

The Nishina Memorial Prize is the oldest and most prestigious physics award in Japan.

History of Japan aspect of history

The first human habitation in the Japanese archipelago has been traced to prehistoric times. The Jōmon period, named after its "cord-marked" pottery, was followed by the Yayoi in the first millennium BC when new technologies were introduced from continental Asia. During this period, the first known written reference to Japan was recorded in the Chinese Book of Han in the first century AD. Between the fourth century and the ninth century, Japan's many kingdoms and tribes gradually came to be unified under a centralized government, nominally controlled by the Emperor. This imperial dynasty continues to reign over Japan. In 794, a new imperial capital was established at Heian-kyō, marking the beginning of the Heian period, which lasted until 1185. The Heian period is considered a golden age of classical Japanese culture. Japanese religious life from this time and onwards was a mix of native Shinto practices and Buddhism.

Radical 150 Chinese character radical

Radical 150 meaning "valley" is 1 of 20 Kangxi radicals composed of 7 strokes.

As Japanese citizens, people of the Amami Islands today only have family names and given names. They are known for many unique one-character surnames that date back to the Edo period. A survey on telephone directories of 2002 shows that 21.5% of the residents of the Amami Islands have one-character surnames. Famous people with one-character surnames include Atari (中) Kōsuke, Hajime (元) Chitose and Nobori (昇) Shomu.

Events in the year 1972 in Japan. It corresponds to Shōwa 47 (昭和47年) in the Japanese calendar.

Iyo (235-?), also known as Taiyoo, was a legendary queen regnant of Yamatai in Japan. She was, according to tradition, the successor of the likewise legendary queen Himiko.