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Tony Bird is a folk rock singer-songwriter who was born and grew up in Nyasaland in Southern Africa. He is known for his Dylanesque vocals and for his songs describing life in colonial Nyasaland from a progressive anti-colonial point of view.

Anthony Bird is a Welsh former professional footballer. A striker, he made over 200 appearances in the Football League, scoring 34 goals and represented Wales at under-21 level. He began his career at his home town club Cardiff City but was released by the club in 1996. He joined Welsh Premier League side Barry Town where he developed a reputation as a prolific striker, finishing the 1996–97 season as the league's top scorer and the highest scoring player in any European league with 42 goals. However, he missed out on the European Golden Shoe award due to the newly introduced points system, which awarded the prize to Barcelona forward Ronaldo, who scored 34 goals during the same season.

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Anthony Peter Bird was a British Anglican priest, physician, and academic. From 1974 to 1979, he was Principal of Queen's College, Birmingham, an ecumenical theological college.

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