Tony Destra

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Tony Destra
Born(1954-09-20)September 20, 1954
DiedFebruary 8, 1987(1987-02-08) (aged 32)
Years active1982-1987
Associated acts Cinderella
Britny Fox
Drummer Tony Destra 2-tony-destra-rich-fuscia.jpg
Drummer Tony Destra

Tony Destra (September 20, 1954 – February 8, 1987), was an American drummer who played for the glam metal bands Cinderella and Britny Fox. [1] Before Cinderella or Britny Fox, Tony was the drummer for another popular Philadelphia area band called Enforcer. The singer for Enforcer was Bill Mattson who would gain later recognition as the frontman for Tangier. Tony played on Cinderella's indy 45 of "Shake Me" and "Somebody Save Me". After he left Cinderella, he joined Britny Fox in 1985. He played on the Britny Fox demo In America in 1986. Tony died in a car accident on February 8, 1987. [2]


In Cinderella, he was replaced by drummer Jim Drnec. In Britny Fox he was briefly replaced by drummer Adam West, who was then himself replaced by long-term drummer Johnny Dee.


With Cinderella


With Britny Fox

In America (demo) (1986)

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"Dizzy" Dean Davidson is an American singer, guitarist, and drummer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a founding member, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the glam metal band Britny Fox from 1986 to 1990. After leaving Britny Fox, Davidson formed the band Blackeyed Susan. The band disbanded in 1992 but reunited in 2000 without Davidson. In 2010 Davidson rejoined the band. The band name, Britny Fox was named after the Welsh coat of arms of one of Davidson's 18th century ancestors. Davidson later expressed a dislike for the Britny Fox material, saying he was "controlled by management and the label" and calling the music "prefabricated".

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