Tony Giorgio

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Tony Giorgio
Joseph Anthony Giorgio

(1923-09-27)September 27, 1923
DiedFebruary 1, 2012(2012-02-01) (aged 88)
Burial place Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)
OccupationActor, magician
Years active1966–2004
Spouse(s)Kaye S. Jacobs-Giorgio (1971–2012) (his death) [1]

Tony Giorgio (born Joseph Anthony Giorgio; September 27, 1923 – February 1, 2012) was an Italian-American actor [2] and magician [3] and known for his portrayal of Bruno Tattaglia in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film The Godfather . [4]


He also appeared in films such as Black Gunn (1972), Magnum Force (1973), [2] Foxy Brown (1974), Capone (1975), Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), The Sting II (1983), The Lonely Guy (1984), Night Train to Terror (1985) and American Me (1992). [2] He played the part of a dealer in the episode entitled "The System" in Mission Impossible , Season 3, and originated the role of 'Big Julie' in the stage musical Guys and Dolls . [5]

In addition to acting, Giorgio was also a prolific stage magician and card manipulator, running away from home at the age of 12 to join a circus and performing at venues including conventions and fraternal clubs to country clubs, casinos, and film studios. He was one of first performers at The Magic Castle nightclub, winning Close-up Magician of the Year in the 1990s. He was hired by Playboy Clubs in the 1960s to be their resident gambling expert, and he gave paid lectures on the nature of confidence games and gambling scams.

He died of heart failure. [6]




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