Tony Mendoza

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Tony Mendoza may refer to:

Tony Mendoza (politician) American politician

Antonio Mendoza is an American politician who served in the California State Senate. A Democrat, he represented the 32nd Senate District, which encompasses Buena Park and the Gateway Cities of Los Angeles County. In January 2018, the State Senate voted to suspend him for 60 days to investigate allegations of sexual harassment. He could not vote on legislation during that period, while contesting the suspension. Before a vote for expulsion was to be taken by the State Senate due to the released findings of an investigation that determined he likely engaged in a pattern of unwanted advances and sexually suggestive behavior toward six women, including four subordinates, over the last decade, Mendoza resigned on February 22, 2018.

Tony Mendoza (photographer) American photographer

Tony Mendoza is a Cuban-American photographer.

Tony Mendoza (artist) artist

Tony Mendoza is a Cuban-American artist with a studio in Miami, Florida. Mendoza's style is Primitive Expressionist and "Caricaturista," a type of art that is whimsical in nature. Mendoza works mainly with acrylic on canvas.

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