Tony Romeo

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Tony Romeo
Born(1938-12-25)December 25, 1938
Troy, New York, United States
OriginUnited States
DiedJune 23, 1995(1995-06-23) (aged 56)
Pleasant Valley, New York, United States
Occupation(s)songwriter, singer, producer
Labels Columbia Records

Tony Romeo (December 25, 1938 – June 23, 1995) was an American songwriter. [1] He is best known for writing the No.1 hit "I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family as well as many other hit records, mostly during the 1960s and 1970s. [2]

Other hits written by Romeo include "Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In)" by both Diana Trask and Brotherhood of Man; "Walking in the Sand," sung by Al Martino, which reached No. 9 on the Adult Contemporary charts in 1970; [3] "Indian Lake" for The Cowsills; [3] [4] and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" by Lou Christie. [5] [6] He wrote songs for The Seekers, The Everly Brothers, Richard Harris [7] and David Cassidy [8] among others. [9] His songs were used in such movies as Rain Man (1988) and Gaby: A True Story (1987). [10] and the TV program The Debbie Reynolds Show (1969–1970). [11] Through colleague Wes Farrell's Pocket Full of Tunes songwriting agency, Romeo additionally created commercial jingles to advertise such products as Breck shampoo, Coty cosmetics' fragrance Muguet de Bois, Pall Mall cigarettes, and Scripto lighters. [12]

Off and on, during the 1960s and 1970s, he attempted to make a name for himself as a singer and recorded solo singles "My Ol' Gin Buddy and Me"/"Mr. Hunkachunk" for Columbia Records in 1966 and "Go Johnny Go"/ "Doctor Recommended Me a Potion" in 1977 for Lifesong Records. Overall, over 150 of his songs were recorded, [13] in addition to working as a record producer. In 1970, he wrote music and lyrics for a musical-theater version of A Dog of Flanders .[ citation needed ] He also produced the duo, Good & Plenty [2] (cf. Good & Plenty candy). He also wrote and produced the MGM album The Trout on which he performed along with his brother Frank Romeo and Cass Morgan, and the unreleased solo album Moonwagon.

Romeo wrote nine platinum records. [14] His most successful song, "I Think I Love You," was released in November 1970, by Bell Records, the first single released by The Partridge Family. The song hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Pop Singles chart for three weeks: November 15 – December 5, 1970 [15]

During the last fifteen years of his life, Romeo was a resident of Pleasant Valley. [16] He died at home at the age 56 on June 23, 1995. His death was attributed to a heart attack. [1] [2] Romeo was survived by his mother Irene Romeo Perrelle of Watervliet, and his brother Frank Romeo of Watervliet. [17]


TitleYearOriginal artistAlbum
"Ain't Life Grand"1967 Good & Plenty The World of Good & Plenty
"Anthem"1972 Wayne Newton Can't You Hear the Song?
"Arizona Two Thoughts"1968 The Trout The Trout
"As Long as There's You"1973 The Partridge Family Crossword Puzzle
"Beautiful People"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"The Beginning"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Being Together"1972 David Cassidy Cherish
"The Best Way to See America"1971 Lou Christie Paint America Love
"Blessed Is the Rain"1969 Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge
"Blue Canadian Rocky Dream"1972 Richard Harris Slides
"A Brand New Man"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
Breck Shampoo[commercial]
"Californie"1966 Tomorrow's People [single]
"The Candy Kid"1968 The Cowsills The Mission on the Bowery
"Carnival Girls"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Children Dreamin’"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"Come On Joe"1987 Jo-El Sonnier Come On Joe
"Count on Me"1967 Peaches and Herb For Your Love
"Crazy Billy"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Days of My Life"1968 The Seekers [single]
"Dear Mom"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Didn't We Love Each Other Good"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Doctor Recommend Me a Potion"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"A Dog Named Flanders"1970[musical theater]
"Don Junior"1974 Jim Ed Brown [single]
"Don't You Ever Give Up On Me, Baby"[songbook: Songs by Tony Romeo]
"The End"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Everybody's Got a Home but Me"1966 6/7/8 [single]
"Fresh Water"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Get Away Said the Man in the Moon"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Gin Buddy"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"Go Johnny Go"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"The Good Dr. Jefferson"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"Good Mornin’"1974Lou ChristieLou Christie
"The Guy Who Did Me In"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"Happy"1970 Paul Anka Life Goes On
"Hello and Goodbye"1969 Steve Dworkin, Jerry Vale none
"Hello Hello"1972The Partridge Family Shopping Bag
"Hold Onto Me"1969 Steve Feldman [Tony Romeo demo]
"Home for a Little While"1973 Bubba Davis [single]
"Ho Hum"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"How I Spent My Summer"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"Hushabye Wee Bobby"1968The TroutThe Trout
"I am a Clown"1973David CassidyCherish
"I’m Coming Home"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"I Can Hear My Heart Begin to Cry"1987 Girls Next Door What a Girl Next Door Could Do
"I'd Like to Be with You"1960[published]
"I Don't Have to Tell You"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"If You Ever Go"1972The Partridge FamilyShopping Bag
"I’ll Never Get Over You"1973The Partridge Family Bulletin Board
"The Image of You"[songbook: Songs by Tony Romeo]
"I’m Gonna Make You Mine"1968 Camel Drivers [single]
"Indian Lake"1968The CowsillsCaptain Sad and His Ship of Fools
"I Played My Part Well"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"Isn't It Hard to Tell the Truth"1973 Cassandra Morgan Isn't it Hard to Tell the Truth [unreleased]
"I Think I Love You"1970The Partridge Family The Partridge Family Album
"It Means I’m in Love with You"1973The Partridge FamilyCrossword Puzzle
"It's One of Those Nights (Yes Love)"1971The Partridge FamilyShopping Bag
"I Will Watch Over You"1967Peaches and HerbLet's Fall in Love
"I Would Have Loved You Anyway"1971The Partridge Family Sound Magazine
"I Wouldn't Be Lonely Anymore"1967 The Bubble Gum Machine The Bubble Gum Machine
"Last Night"1972The Partridge FamilyShopping Bag
"Livin’ in a World Of Make Believe"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"The Love of a Woman"1967The Bubble Gum MachineThe Bubble Gum Machine
"Mayola"1968 Back Street Union [single]
"Milk Train"1968 The Everly Brothers [single]
"Montage"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Morning Rider on the Road"1971The Partridge Family Up to Date
"Mr. Hunkachunk"1966Tony Romeo[single]
Muguet de Bois1969Brooklyn Bridge[Coty Cosmetics' fragrance commercial]
"My Christmas Card to You"1971The Partridge Family A Partridge Family Christmas Card
"My My My"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"My Ol’ Gin Buddy and Me"1966Tony Romeo[single]
"November Song"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In)"1975 Diana Trask The Mood I’m In
"Once Upon a Dusty Road"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"The One and Only Original Sunshine Kid"1975 Jimmy Hannan [single]
"One More Mile and Darlin’ I’ll Be Home"1970 Kes Wyndham [single]
"Papa je t’amine"1971The CowsillsCaptain Sad and His Ship of Fools
"The Path of Love"1968The CowsillsCaptain Sad and His Ship of Fools
Paul Mall cigarettes: "Longer Yet Milder"1970[commercial]
"The People Theme"1978Sacco [Lou Christie][single]
"Please Uncle John"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"(Point Me in the Direction of) Albuquerque"1970The Partridge FamilyThe Partridge Family Album
"Poor Baby"1968The CowsillsThe Best of The Cowsills
"Real Good Woman"1971 The Changing Scene The Changing Scene
"Roseanne"/"Dear Bill"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Roy"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"Saddle the Wind"1974Lou ChristieLou Christie
Scripto Lighters[commercial]
"She Is the We of Me"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"Sing Me"1973David Cassidy Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes
"Slides"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"Stay with Me"1960Four Voices[single]
"Stingray's Back in Town"1966Tomorrow's People[single]
"Stop By to Say Hi"/ "Rosanne is that You"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Summer Days"1971The Partridge FamilySound Magazine
"Sunbeam"1974Lou ChristieLou Christie
"Sunny and Me"1968Good & Plenty[single]
"Sunny Jo"1972Richard HarrisSlides
"Sunrise Highway"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Teddy Bear's Picnic"1968The TroutThe Trout
"That’ll Be the Day"1971The Partridge FamilyUp to Date
"Theme from People Magazine"1978Lou Christie[CBS TV Series]
"There He Goes"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"There’ll Never Be (A We Like You and Me)"1975Lou ChristieLou Christie
"Together We’re Better"1972The Partridge Family The Partridge Family Notebook
"Two Little Clouds Passing By"1975Lou ChristieLou Christie
"Understanding Who I Am"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Wha'cha Gonna Do For Me Now"1967The Bubble Gum MachineThe Bubble Gum Machine
"Waco"1971Lou ChristiePaint America Love
"Walking in the Sand"1970 Al Martino [single]
"We Can Never Be Friends"1972David CassidyCherish
"Welcome Me Love"1969Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge
"Welcome to the Big Big Apple"1977Tony RomeoMoonwagon [unreleased]
"Wishwater"1969 Dr. Wishbone's Revival [single]
"With a Little Love (Just a Little Love)"1969 Debbie Reynolds [Debbie Reynolds 1969–70 TV show opening theme]
"Worse Day I’ve Been To"1968The TroutThe Trout
"Yeah Yeah Yeah"1968The TroutThe Trout
"You Are Always on My Mind"1971The Partridge FamilyUp to Date
"You Can't Hang On"1968The TroutThe Trout
"You Can't Keep Me"1967Good & PlentyThe World of Good & Plenty
"You Don't Have to Tell Me"1971The Partridge FamilySound Magazine
"You're All the Woman that I Need"1970Al Martino[promotional single]
"You’re the Rock, You’re the Rebel"1987Girls Next DoorWhat a Girl Next Door Could Do
"Your Kite, My Kite"1968Brooklyn Bridge[single]
"You Were the One"1974Lou ChristieLou Christie

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