Tony Soper (actor)

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Tony Soper is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for playing rookie Dr. Cliff Margolis on the short-lived multi-ethnic medical drama Kay O'Brien , which aired in the fall of 1986 on CBS. After a decade, Soper quit acting and went to work for Microsoft Corporation.


1987 Hiding Out Ahern
1985EvergreenMaury FriedmanMiniseries
1986 Kay O'Brien Dr. Cliff Margolis13 episodes
1986 L.A. Law Bruce Pollack2 episodes
1987 The Bronx Zoo Josh1 episode
1988HothouseMatt GarrisonTelevision movie
1989 Matlock Paul O'Neill2 episodes
1992Chrome SoldiersMayflowerTelevision movie
1995 Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again RyanTelevision movie

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