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Too Pure was a London-based independent record label 1990–2008.

Too Pure may also refer to:

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Too Pure record label

Too Pure was a London-based independent record label formed in 1990 by Richard Roberts and Paul Cox. The label gained prominence after the release of PJ Harvey's debut album Dry in 1992, and subsequently found further success in the late 1990s and early 2000s with albums by indie rock artists such as Mclusky and Electrelane. The label was closed in 2008.

Long Fin Killie was a Scottish experimental rock/post-rock band, which released three albums and several EPs on the British avant-rock label Too Pure in the 1990s.

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Th Faith Healers

Th' Faith Healers were an English indie rock band who were originally active between 1990 and 1994. The members of the group were Roxanne Stephen (vocals), Tom Cullinan, Ben Hopkin (bass), and Joe Dilworth (drums). They recorded multiple EPs and singles along with two full LPs.

Bows were a British-based band, who have released two albums on the Too Pure label.

Jack were a British alternative rock band formed in Cardiff, Wales, in 1992. Their orchestral pop was influenced by artists such as Scott Walker, David Bowie and Roxy Music, and drew comparisons to Tindersticks, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Suede and The Divine Comedy. The band attracted a cult following in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, particularly France, but they failed to match the commercial success of their britpop contemporaries. They split in 2002.

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