Too Young to Die: Singles 1990–1995

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Too Young to Die: Singles 1990–1995
Greatest hits album by
Released13 November 1995
Genre Alternative rock, synthpop
Length61:13 (CD/CS/LP)
77:11 (Bonus CD)
63:00 (VHS)
Label Heavenly Records - HVNLP10, Wienerworld (VHS)
Producer Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne chronology
Tiger Bay
Too Young to Die: Singles 1990–1995
Casino Classics
Singles from Too Young to Die: Singles 1990-1995
  1. "He's on the Phone"
    Released: 6 November 1995
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Too Young to Die: Singles 1990–1995 is a compilation album released by English band Saint Etienne in 1995. The compilation collects the group's singles spanning the period of 1990 to 1995, five of which had not appeared on a studio album or featured on their 1993 compilation You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone . The track "He's on the Phone" was released as a single just before the album's release. The album peaked at number 17 on the UK Albums Chart [2] and was certified Silver by the BPI (60,000 copies sold). [3]


The album received excellent reviews with critical opinion particularly favourable to the first half of the compilation. The album was released on standard CD, limited edition (10,000 copies) double-CD (with a bonus CD of remixes and an expanded booklet including extra photographs), Cassette, LP and VHS. Artwork was designed by Negativespace with photography by Angus Ashford, Aude Prieur, James Fry, Joe Dilworth, and Paul Kelly.

The initial bonus CD of remixes was re-released as disc-one of the non-limited Double-CD compilation Casino Classics in 1996.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs; except where indicated.

Standard release (CD/Cassette/LP)
1."Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (Featuring Moira Lambert) Neil Young 4:29
2."Kiss and Make Up" (Featuring Donna Savage)Robert Wratten, Michael Hiscock4:08
3."Nothing Can Stop Us" 4:19
4."Join Our Club" 3:15
5."People Get Real" 4:43
6."Avenue"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell, Ian Catt 7:33
7."You're in a Bad Way" (Single Version)Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell3:02
8."Who Do You Think You Are"Des Dyer, Clive Scott 3:49
9."Hobart Paving" (Single Version) 4:51
10."I Was Born on Christmas Day" (Featuring Tim Burgess)Stanley, Wiggs, Catt3:08
11."Pale Movie"Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs3:53
12."Like a Motorway" (Radio Edit) 3:38
13."Hug My Soul" (Radio Edit)Cracknell, Guy Batson, Johnny Male3:53
14."He's on the Phone" (Featuring Étienne Daho)Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs, Étienne Daho 5:10
Bonus CD: Too Young To Die – Mixes 1990-1995
1."Like a Motorway" (Chekhov Warp Dub)  The Chemical Brothers 9:11
2."Join Our Club" (Chemically Friendly Zoom Mix)  Billy Nasty 6:42
3."Pale Movie" (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix)Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs Secret Knowledge 10:12
4."Speedwell" (Flying Mix)  The Aloof 6:08
5."Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (A Mix of Two Halves)Young Andrew Weatherall 8:48
6."Who Do You Think You Are" (Quex-Rd)Dyer, Scott Aphex Twin 8:04
7."Avenue" (Variety Club Mix)Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell, CattGordon King6:20
8."Hug My Soul" (Sure Is Pure Kodacolor House Mix)Cracknell, Batson, Male Sure Is Pure 8:41
9."Like a Motorway" (David Holmes Mix)  David Holmes 12:59
VHS: Too Young To Die – Videos 1990-1995
1."Nothing Can Stop Us"  
2."Avenue"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell, Catt 
3."Like a Motorway"  
4."Hobart Paving"  
5."You're in a Bad Way"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell 
6."Who Do You Think You Are"Dyer, Scott 
7."Kiss and Make Up" (Featuring Donna Savage)Wratten, Hiscock 
8."Hug My Soul"Batson, Cracknell, Male 
9."I Was Born on Christmas Day" (Featuring Tim Burgess)Stanley, Wiggs, Catt 
10."Pale Movie"Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 
11."Join Our Club"  
12."Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (Featuring Moira Lambert)Young 
13."He's on the Phone" (Featuring Étienne Daho)Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell, Daho 


The compilation liner notes do not list musician or production credits. The following are adapted from other releases.


UK Albums Chart [4] 17

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Saint Etienne discography

English alternative dance band Saint Etienne have released nine studio albums, two soundtrack albums, nine compilation albums, two remix albums, seven mix albums, two video albums, one box set, four extended plays, 38 singles, and five promotional singles.

"Let's Kiss and Make Up" is a song by The Field Mice from their 1989 album Snowball. It is better known in the form of Saint Etienne's cover version of 1990, which retitled it "Kiss and Make Up" and was released as a single.

Nothing Can Stop Us (song) 1991 single by Saint Etienne

"Nothing Can Stop Us" is the third single by Saint Etienne. Released by Heavenly Records in 1991, it is the first release to feature Sarah Cracknell, who would continue to front the band from this release on. "Nothing Can Stop Us" reached the number one spot on the American dance charts for one week. The song is based on a looped sample from Dusty Springfield's recording of "I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face".

Hug My Soul

"Hug My Soul" is a single by British band Saint Etienne. It was the third single from the album Tiger Bay, and was released September 1994 by Heavenly Records. It was written by vocalist Sarah Cracknell along with songwriting partners Guy Batson and Johnny Male.

<i>Home Counties</i> (album) 2017 studio album by Saint Etienne

Home Counties is the ninth studio album by English alternative dance band Saint Etienne. It was released on 2 June 2017 by Heavenly Recordings. The album features collaborations with Gerard Johnson, Augustus and Nick Moon. The album features production from Shawn Lee, Carwyn Ellis and Richard X.


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