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Toomas Frey (13 December 1937– 23 September 2020) was an Estonian ecologist, geobotanist and forest scientist. [1]

Frey was born in Põltsamaa. He was also a political leader, with the Estonian Greens. When he was named Minister of the Environment in 1990, it was the first time a member of a green party reached a national position in an Eastern European government. [2]

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The Estonian resistance movement was an underground movement to resist the occupation of Estonia by Nazi Germany, 1941–1944 during World War II. Due to the unusually benign measures implemented in Estonia by the German occupation authorities, especially in contrast to the preceding harsh Soviet occupation of Estonia (1940–1941), the movement was slower to develop effective tactics on a wide scale than in other occupied countries.

The Estonian Greens is an Estonian green political party. Founded in 1989, the party held six seats in the Riigikogu from 2007 to 2011. Its objective is to ensure that Estonia's development is environmentally friendly, sustainable, politically stable and economically efficient.

Anti-Estonian sentiment generally describes dislike or hate of the Estonian people or the Republic of Estonia. Its opposite is Estophilia.

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Denmark–Estonia relations Diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Estonia

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Toomas Altnurme is an Estonian painter.

The Estonian Institute of Zoology and Botany (ZBI) is a zoological and botanical research institute based in Tartu, Estonia. It was founded in 1947. Since 1997, it belongs to the Estonian University of Life Sciences as a central biological research institute in the country.

An indirect presidential election took place in Estonia on August 29, 2011. There were two candidates: incumbent president Toomas Hendrik Ilves and European parliament deputy Indrek Tarand. For the first time in the country's post-Soviet history, only one round took place, as Ilves was able to secure the necessary two-thirds majority to get re-elected without a runoff. Ilves received 73 votes while Tarand obtained only 25. One vote was blank and two were disqualified. Ilves was supported by the ruling Estonian Reform Party and Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica, as well as the Social Democratic Party, to which he formerly belonged. Tarand was supported by the Estonian Centre Party.

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The following lists events that happened during 2010 in Estonia.


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