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Country South Korea
Slogan South Korea's No. 1 Channel for Kids
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Language(s) Korean
Owner On-Media (1995–2011)
CJ ENM E&M Division (2011–Present)
Sister channelsLittle Tooni
LaunchedDecember 21, 1995

Tooniverse (Korean : 투니버스; RR : Tooniverse; portmanteau short for Cartoon Universe) is a cartoon and anime channel broadcast by CJ ENM E&M Division in South Korea.


Tooniverse started airing in December 1995 and is currently one of the leading anime channels in South Korea. It offers a wide variety of animation for different age groups. (And there's some edited cartons or animes on Tooniverse).

In 2012, Tooniverse created their first teen television series, Ma Boy . [1] The Starleague professional StarCraft: Brood War broadcasts began as a program on Tooniverse before being spin-off onto a dedicated gaming channel, Ongamenet.

In 2014, it was announced that Tooniverse will create characters for a TV series that is called The Haunted House . In 2016, it was announced that Tooniverse will create The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball and the new season 2 part 1 and part 2 is The Haunted House: The Birth of Ghost Ball X. In 2020, Tooniverse announced that would be the season 3 in the series is The Haunted House: Ghost Ball Double X - 6 Prophecies.


Tooniverse which was officially launched on December 1, 1995, was recognized as a channel more unfamiliar than terrestrial broadcasting in the early days, but many of the imported animations are Japanese-coloured, requiring attention from parents, It is CJ ENM . (Formerly On Media's own children's channel) , which has been steadily preoccupied in the 5th place in the cable TV viewing market share as the viewership rate has gradually increased since 2000 . A month ago, the English education video 《Duli's Backpacking》 was released.

On March 1, 2002, it started broadcasting on SkyLife 's channel 656 , a digital satellite broadcasting service that has been officially commercialized , and became the most popular viewership rating in the skylife by overtaking other channels. However, in November of that year, on-media (now CJ ENM ) unilaterally refused to renew the contract , and was exclusively through cable TV from January 1, 2003 to August 31, 2011, the following year. Was able to watch. This was because large cable TV operators at that time had an exclusive lobby with the initiative.

In the meantime, as ad revenues in the pay-TV market fell sharply due to worsening management , the Internet Multimedia Broadcasting Business Act for IPTV commercialization passed the National Assembly in an environment of broadcasting and communication convergence, as part of the increase in revenues from subscription fees and diversification of the broadcasting market. and, in 2008 in the second half of IPTV , the leading provider KT to start, 2009 years 3 Mon latecomers to the SK Broadband , LG u + communications by three after consultation with IPTV operators, and initiate transmission. 2011 years 3 Mon 2 days from the CJ Group after the acquisition, the animation in the channel for children was to change the broadcast genre channels, the same year on September 1 from depending on the ongoing needs of satellite subscribers, the digital satellite broadcasting service, Skylife (Hereinafter referred to as KT OTS) , transmission to HDTV channels was resumed in 9 years . 2012 On August 15, the logo and slogan were changed to the current one , and HDTV broadcasting was officially launched on January 11, 2013, one year and four months after the establishment of the HDTV channel.

Currently, it can be watched through all cable TVs in Korea, KT 's Olleh TV Live, SK Broadband 's Btv, and other communication companies' IPTV and digital satellite broadcasting ( KT Skylife ).

The toddler program that aired on the morning of March 2011 was replaced by Littletooni .

April 2013 Marvel TV Animation series program exclusive contract.

Years 2013 7 Mon 26 days there KidZania Seoul was opened a "studio actors' Experience in, 2014 years 7 Mon , the Tooniverse store was opened in Lotte World.

Year 2017 12 Mon 28 days to tving Tooniverse the homepage has opened 2018 April 2 was shut down Tunisia Games website.



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