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Toordand (Urdu : طورڈنڈ) is a small village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The union council is "Janoobi Ward Karak City".



About 50 years ago, there was a pond in this place whose water looked blackish. So this place became famous as Toordand because Toor means blackish in Pashto language. Then people started living around this pond and the village formed.

Location and geography

It is located, between Bannu Road and Indus Highway, in the west of the Karak city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The area of the village is about 4.5 square km. The neighbouring areas are Tapi Kala, Kanda Kala, Sur Dag and Ambiri Kala.

Population and literacy rate

About 6000 people live in Toordand. The literacy rate is more than 60%.


The weather in summer is hot and in winter it is cold. The rate of rain fall is also moderate.


The native language of this region is Pashto.


The common dress of the inhabitants is Shalwaar Qameez. Most of the population live in mud houses. The common eatables of the people of this village are Saag, Chattni, Lassi, Deodi and Pyasa etc.


Almost all of the population follow the religion of Islam.

Agriculture and occupation

Most of the people of this village do jobs in different areas of the world. The major winter crops are Wheat and Grams and summer crops are Jawar and Bajra.


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Gabin Jabba which means in Pashto honey marshes, is located approximately 65 km from Mingora on Matta sakhra road Swat valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the province of Pakistan. It is an area in Swat valley, with green meadows, thick forests, snow clad mountains, mineral springs and high peaks. Gabin Jabba elevation is 2582m (8471ft) from the sea level.