Top Cats

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Top Cats
Background information
Origin Sweden
Genres Rockabilly
Years active2001–present
  • Jon Kleppenes
  • Fredrik Lilja
  • Robert Jansson
  • Martin Lindahl
Past members
  • Olle Sätterström
  • Erica Larsson
  • Sandra Zackrisson
  • Daniel Kjellberg
  • Henrik Törnevik
  • Patrik Pantzar

Top Cats is a Swedish rockabilly band formed in 2001. The earliest line-up was made up of Jon Kleppenes (as lead singer), Daniel Kjellberg (drummer), Henrik Törnevik (contrabass), Fredrik Lilja (guitar), Olle Sätterström (guitar, trumpet, piano), Erica Larsson and Sandra Zackrisson (both backing vocals). When in 2004 drummer Daniel Kjellberg left, he was replaced by Robert Jansson. In 2007, double bassist Henrik Törnevik left and was replaced by Martin Lindahl.


The band took part in Melodifestivalen 2012 with "Baby Doll" written by Mårten Eriksson, Lina Eriksson and Susie Päivärinta and made it to the final after winning a spot from the "second chance" round alongside Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern. [1] In the final they finished in sixth place.

In 2015 Top Cats started their own record label TC entertainment.

Top Cats logo Logotyp Top Cats.jpg
Top Cats logo
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Tc Entertainment logo

At the new label, Top Cats released the Kick Down record that was recorded in King's side studio in Gnesta.

Two years later, the band released its first EP "in the middle of the night", which was partly recorded in the band's private studio, located in a barn in northern Värmland.

New music is recorded in 2018 and as the first single, Piece of my Heart was released in June.



2012No More Heartache12
2013Smashing to the Ground1
2015Kick Down18


2011"Heartache"No More Heartache
2012"Baby Doll"20No More Heartache
2012Sad But True
2013RomeoSmashing To The Ground
2013Det Kan Väl Inte Jag Rå För
2015Howlin MamaKick Down
2016Rock This TownIn The MIddle Of The Night EP
2016Stuck Under The Misteltoe
2017In The Middle Of The NightIn The MIddle Of The Night EP
2018Piece Of My Heart

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