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Top Girls is a 1982 play by Caryl Churchill. It is about a woman named Marlene, a career-driven woman who is only interested in women's success in business. In the famous opening scene, she hosts a dinner party for a group of famous women from history. As the play unfolds we find Marlene has left her 'poor' life, and illegitimate child with her sister Joyce, in order to tread the path to 'success'. The play is contemporary and examines the role of women in society and what being a successful woman means. The play's cast involves women from age ranges 17 - 23

Caryl Churchill is a British playwright known for dramatising the abuses of power, for her use of non-naturalistic techniques, and for her exploration of sexual politics and feminist themes.

Top Girls Fassa Bortolo

Top Girls Fassa Bortolo is a professional cycling team based in Italy, which competes in elite road bicycle racing events such as the UCI Women's World Tour.

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Fight My Way is a South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won, with Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon. It premiered on May 22, 2017 every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) on KBS2.

<i>Hit the Top</i> 2017 South Korean television series

Hit the Top is a South Korean television series starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Lee Se-young, Kim Min-jae and Cha Tae-hyun. The drama aired on KBS2, from June 2 to July 22, 2017 on Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 (KST) for 32 episodes.

Weki Meki South Korean girl group

Weki Meki (Hangul: 위키미키) is a South Korean girl group formed by Fantagio in 2017. The group consists of eight members: Ji Soo-yeon, Elly, Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Do-yeon, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy.

<i>What Is Love?</i> (EP) 2018 EP by Twice

What Is Love? is the fifth extended play (EP) by South Korean girl group Twice. The EP was released on April 9, 2018 by JYP Entertainment and is distributed by Iriver. It includes the lead single of the same name produced by Park Jin-young. Twice members Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo also took part in writing lyrics for two songs on the EP.