Topolog Viaduct

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Topolog Viaduct
Coordinates 45°05′22″N24°33′05″E / 45.0895°N 24.5513°E / 45.0895; 24.5513
Carriesrailway track
Localeeast of Râmnicu Vâlcea
Total length1,440 m
Topolog Viaduct

The Topolog Viaduct is a viaduct east of Râmnicu Vâlcea over the river Topolog. The bridge was opened in 1989.

The viaduct is 1,440 m in length; it has a main height of around 50 m, being constructed out of reinforced concrete.

Coordinates: 45°05′22″N24°33′05″E / 45.08946°N 24.55135°E / 45.08946; 24.55135

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