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Tops Records was a Los Angeles-based record label owned by Tops Music Enterprises, both founded in 1947 by Carl L. Doshay and Sam Dickerman. After a prolific and profitable run, Tops merged with PRI Records in 1958, which in turn, sold to a group of investors in 1960, then went bankrupt in about 1962. Its assets — which included a huge library of recordings — were sold to Pickwick Records, a label that had been its main competitor throughout the 1950s. [1] Pickwick's assets were purchased by PolyGram Records in the late 1970s. In 1990, Tom Ficara and Combined Artists acquired the Tops / PRI catalog.


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<i>The Pickwick Papers</i> monthly serial; first novel by Charles Dickens; published 1836–1837

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Pickwick Records was an American record label and British distributor known for its budget album releases of sound-alike recordings, bargain bin reissues and repackagings under the brands Design, Bravo, Hurrah, Grand Prix, and children's records on the Cricket and Happy Time labels.

Simitar Entertainment, Inc. was an American media company that sold music, videos, DVDs, and computer software. They had specialized in compilation albums, special interest video, and urban media. Simitar distributed its own label.

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Autumn Records was a 1960s San Francisco-based pop record label. Among the notable acts on its roster was The Beau Brummels, a band who released a pair of top 20 singles, "Laugh, Laugh" and "Just a Little".

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De-Lite Records, whose formal name was De-Lite Recorded Sound Corporation, was a record label specializing in R&B music from 1969 to 1985; Island Records now manages the De-Lite catalog.

Budget albums were low-priced vinyl LPs of popular and classical music released during the 1950s to 1970s consisting either of previously released material or material recorded especially for the line. Prices ranged from as low as 59 U.S. cents to $2.98. In the UK Pickwick Records' Top of the Pops record series, which operated between 1968 and 1985, was the most successful budget album range.

Hallmark Records is a British record label.

Top of the Pops is the name of a series of records issued by Pickwick Records on their Hallmark label, which contain anonymous cover versions of recent and current hit singles. The recordings were intended to replicate the sound of the original hits as closely as possible. The albums were recorded by a studio group comprising session musicians and singers who remained uncredited, although they included Tina Charles and Elton John before they became famous in their own right.

Quinton M. Claunch is an American musician, songwriter, record producer and record label owner, who was responsible with others for setting up Hi Records in the 1950s and Goldwax Records in the 1960s.

PRI Records was an American, Los Angeles-based record label, founded as a division of Precision Radiation Instruments Inc., a Geiger counter manufacturer founded in the 1950s that had expanded into radio manufacturing, marginally profitable, and ultimately the record business by merging with Tops Records in 1958. In 1960, PRI, Tops Records, and its other associated labels were sold to a group of investors and Bob Blythe became the manager. By 1962, the company was bankrupt and sold to Pickwick Records.

Bob Blythe was a ball point pen manufacturer and owner of BB pens. Later he was president of a record company, Tops Records, as well as founder of budget record label Sutton Records.


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