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TopstepTrader is a financial technology firm based in Chicago, IL that evaluates day traders’ performance in real-time simulated accounts. Traders who pass the company’s evaluation earn a funded trading account and trade Forex and futures contracts in the financial markets using the firm’s capital. [1]


Current operations

TopstepTrader currently operates out of their headquarters in the West Loop Gate neighborhood of Chicago at 130 S. Jefferson St. Employees work out of the 10,000+ sq. ft. loft space in downtown Chicago. [2]


TopstepTrader was started on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade by current CEO and former Dow futures contracts floor trader, Michael Patak, and became an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in July, 2012. [3] According to the Omaha World Herald, the name TopstepTrader was chosen because the best traders within each trading pit stand on the top step, where they have the best view and could theoretically receive the best market prices. [4]

Products and/or services

TopstepTrader’s funding process consists of three steps. The first step is an evaluation of the trader's profitability, the second step proves the trader's risk management, and the last step is the funded trading account. [5]


TopstepTrader produces a daily Squawk Radio trading broadcast through an online chat platform. [6]


TopstepTrader has been awarded 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2016, [7] 2016 Chicago Innovation Awards Finalist, [8] and 2016 FIA (Futures Industry Association) Innovator. [9] Founder and CEO Michael Patak was a 2015 semi-finalist and 2016 finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. [10] In 2017, Inc. Magazine ranked TopstepTrader No. 1,261 on its 36th annual Inc. 5000. [11]

In the news

TopstepTrader has appeared in news sources including Forbes, [12] CNBC, [13] Bloomberg, [14] Fox Business, [15] MarketWatch, [16] and Built in Chicago. [17]


TopstepFx a division of Topstep Trader designed for the financing of traders in the forex market with the same concepts of Topstep Trader, which like this one has 3 steps to pass the funding test

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