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Topuz is a Turkish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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Tümer Metin

Tümer Metin is a Turkish former professional footballer and current pundit.

Mehmet Topuz

Mehmet Topuz is a retired Turkish footballer, who last played for Fenerbahçe. Topuz had begun his career in Yolspor, a local club in Kayseri. He joined Kayserispor after spelling almost 3 years at that club. He has been given several Golden Man of the Month awards which are presented monthly and supported by Turkey Heart Foundation. His successful league appearances attracted the bigger clubs of Turkey. However, Kayserispor Board strongly asserted that they will not let him go and supported their intentions to keep him in the club by advertising on billboards. Afterwards, he extended his contract with the club, eventually becoming the team Captain.

Hikmet Topuzer Turkish footballer

Hikmet Topuzer, commonly known as Topuz Hikmet, was a Turkish football player for Fenerbahçe between 1909-15. He played as a right winger or right forward. He was the uncle of artist Fikret Muallâ Saygı.

2008 Turkish Super Cup

The 2008 Turkish Super Cup was a football match between the Süper Lig champions Galatasaray, and the Turkish Cup winners Kayserispor. This was the third Super Cup match, played on 17 August 2008, in Duisburg, MSV-Arena. Galatasaray won the game 2–1 with goals of Harry Kewell and Shabani Nonda, while Mehmet Topuz scored a last minute goal for his side as a sign of Kayserispor's effort.

Gökhan Emreciksin

Gökhan Emreciksin is a Turkish professional footballer who plays as a winger.

Fatma Aliye Topuz

Fatma Aliye Topuz, often known simply as Fatma Aliye or Fatma Aliye Hanım, was a Turkish novelist, columnist, essayist, women's rights activist and humanitarian. Although there was an earlier published novel by the Turkish female author Zafer Hanım in 1877, since that one remained her only novel, Fatma Aliye Hanım with her five novels is credited by literary circles as the first female novelist in Turkish literature and the Islamic world.

Aliye is a Turkish and Iranian feminine given name. People named Aliye include:

Hıfzı Topuz

Hıfzı Topuz is a Turkish veteran journalist, travel writer and novelist. He also served as a lecturer on journalism at several universities.

Hıfzı is a Turkish given name for males. People named Hıfzı include:

İstanbul Modern Contemporary art museum in Istanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Modern, a.k.a. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, is a museum of contemporary art in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey. Inaugurated on December 11, 2004, the museum focuses on artists from Turkey. Levent Çalıkoğlu is the Museum Director General, and Oya Eczacıbaşı serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Events in the year 1936 in Turkey.

Feriköy Cemetery Muslim cemetery in Istanbul

The Feriköy Cemetery is a burial ground situated in Feriköy quarter of Şişli district on the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It is administered by the Metropolitan Municipality. Many prominent figures from the world of politics, sports and arts rest here.

Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Museum Wax Museum in Eskişehir, Turkey

Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Museum, also known as Eskişehir Wax Museum, is a wax museum in Odunpazarı second level municipality in Greater Eskişehir, Turkey.

Seyhun Topuz is a Turkish sculptor who works in a geometric abstract narrative.

Yakup Topuz is a Turkish wrestler. He competed in the men's freestyle 74 kg at the 1976 Summer Olympics.


Fikriye Hanım, posthumously Zeynep Fikriye Özdinçer, was a Turkish woman. She was a relative of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his girlfriend. Her death remained mysterious.

Atatürks Residence and Railway Museum National historic house and railway museum in Ankara, Turkey

Atatürk's Residence and Railway Museum is a national historic house and railway museum in Ankara, Turkey. It was originally the management building of the Turkish State Railways. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used it as a residence and headquarters during the Turkish War of Independence.

Topuz is a village in the Sungurlu District of Çorum Province in Turkey.