Toque Dela

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Toque Dela
Toque Dela Marcelo Camelo.jpg
Studio album by Marcelo Camelo
Released 1 April 2011
Genre Indie, MPB

Universal Music

Zé Pereira
Producer Marcelo Camelo
Marcelo Camelo chronology
(2008) Sou 2008
Toque Dela
Singles from Toque Dela
  1. "Ô ô"
    Released: March 3, 2011

Toque Dela or in English, Her Touch is the second album of the singer Marcelo Camelo (Zé Pereira / Universal) The disc has Hurtmold as backing band, formed by Mauricio Takara (drums), Guilherme Granado (vibraphone), Mark Gerez (bass), Rogerio Martins (percussion ) and Mario and Fernando Cappi (guitars). Other investments are for the account of Marcelo Jeneci, Rob Mazurek and Mallu Magalhães. The album cover is signed by the artist Biel Carpenter.

Track listing

1."A Noite"4:54
2."Ô ô"2:49
3."Tudo Que Você Quiser"3:39
5."Três Dias"5:23
6."Pra Te Acalmar"2:38
10."Meu Amor é teu"5:34
Total length:51:54

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