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Tor Aulin

Tor Aulin (10 September 1866, Stockholm 1 March 1914, Saltsjöbaden) was a Swedish violinist, conductor and composer.



Aulin studied music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (1877-1883) and then in the Conservatory of Berlin (1884-1886) with Émile Sauret and Philipp Scharwenka. From 1889 to 1892 Aulin served as concertmaster of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. He went on to conduct the principal symphony orchestras of Stockholm and Gothenburg. In 1887 he formed the Aulin Quartet, the first full-time professional quartet in Sweden. It gained an excellent reputation. It disbanded in 1912. Along with Wilhelm Stenhammar, Aulin spearheaded a revival in interest in the work of Franz Berwald, and as soloist he premiered some of Stenhammar's works for violin and orchestra.

Aulin composed a number of orchestral and chamber music works, including a violin sonata, three violin concertos, an orchestral suite, and many small pieces for the violin.

His sister, Laura Valborg Aulin (1860-1928), was a pianist and composer whose output included two string quartets, in F major and E minor, among other works.

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