Tor des Géants

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Tor des Géants
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Sport Trail running
Nation Italy
Region Aosta Valley
Participant865 from all over the world (2017)
Dateyearly, mid-September
Lengthabout 330km (205mi)
WinnerJavier Dominguez Ledo (2017)
Record67h52'15" (set in 2017)
Site Official site

Tor des Géants (meaning Tour of Giants in Valdôtain, the dialect of Arpitan spoken in Aosta Valley) is an endurance trail race which takes place in Aosta Valley, Italy, in September.



The start and the finish are in Courmayeur. The total length of the race is 330 km (205 mi) which must be completed in less than 150 hours. There are 43 refreshment points at which the runners can eat, sleep, and, if needed, obtain medical care. There are also 7 life bases, which are bigger than refreshment points. They are placed about every 50 km (31 mi). Because of its difficulty, many athletes do not complete the race. The completion rate is about 60%. Around 2000 volunteers are used to organize the race. Weather can be a challenge, given the large elevation changes over the course and competitors can encounter sun, rain, wind, and even snow. The number of participants is limited because of the complexity of managing people over the 330 km trek. For the 2015 edition were 2291 pre-registrations. The 2016 race was conducted under ITRA regulations.

The inaugural edition was in 2010.

The 2012 edition was interrupted on the fourth night and stopped on the fifth day at En Bosses (303 km). About 70 runners completed the whole course.

The 2013 edition was marked by the death of the Chinese runner, Yang Yuan. He fell and hit his head on rocks during the rainy first night of the race. The site of the accident has a cairn inscribed with a poem written by Yang Yuan.

The 2015 edition was interrupted on the third night due to severe weather and stopped on the fourth night, because Col Malatra got covered by ice. Only six runners completed the race.

In 2016, local authorities organized a competing race 4K VDA. The suspected reasons were concerns for runner's safety and the costs. The race started and ended in Cogne and went clockwise (unlike Tor).

The 2017 edition introduced a GPS tracking system. The Tor des Géants website, [1] shows live data for each athlete including time of pass at specific points along the path, overall ranking, median speed, distance and elevation gain traveled. There is also a map that shows the athletes live position. [2]


The race in the Champorcher valley Miserin Tor des Geants 2017.png
The race in the Champorcher valley

The trail is a tour of Aosta Valley following the two "High Routes" of the region, the Italian : Alta Via n.2 or French : Haute route n°2 [3] for the first half of the race, and the Italian : Alta Via n.1 or French : Haute route n°1 [4] for the second half of the race. During the tour, the runners cross 34 municipalities, 25 mountain passes over 2000 metres, 30 alpine lakes and 2 natural parks. The minimum altitude is 300 m (985 ft) and the highest is 3,300 m (10800 ft). The total elevation gain is about 24,000 m (78700 ft). [5]

Hall of Fame

Male 2010
1 Flag of Italy.svg Ulrich GrossSen80h27'23"
2 Flag of Spain.svg Salvador Calvo RedondoVet 286h47'54"
3 Flag of France.svg Guillaume MilletVet 187h17'37"
Female 2010
1 Flag of Italy.svg Annemarie GrossVet 191h19'13"
2 Flag of Germany.svg Julia BoettgerSen100h03'51"
3 Flag of France.svg Corinne Favre Sen114h40'37"
Male 2011
1 Flag of Switzerland.svg Henri-Jules GabioudSen 179h58'26"
2 Flag of France.svg Christophe Le SauxSen 284h09'46"
3 Flag of Spain.svg Pablo Criado TocaSen 289h43'07"
Female 2011
1 Flag of Italy.svg Annemarie GrossVet 191h28'31"
2 Flag of Italy.svg Patrizia PensaVet 1102h25'42"
3 Flag of Italy.svg Giuliana ArrigoniVet 1102h26'05"
Male 2012
#RunnerActual timeRecalculated time
1 Flag of Spain.svg Oscar Perez75h56'3175h56'31"
2 Flag of France.svg Grégoire Millet78h50'03"78h50'03"
3 Flag of France.svg Christophe Le Saux80h14'14"80h14'14"
Female 2012
#RunnerActual timeRecalculated time
1 Flag of Italy.svg Francesca Canepa 99h13'56"85h33'56"
2 Flag of Italy.svg Sonia Glarey104h45'54"96h59'54"
3 Flag of Italy.svg Patrizia Pensa106h00'15"97h06'15"
Male 2013
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Spain.svg Iker Karrera170h04'15"
2 Flag of Spain.svg Oscar Perez270h29'41"
3 Flag of Italy.svg Franco Collé372h05'23"
Female 2013
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Francesca Canepa 1588h12'17"
2 Flag of Spain.svg Nerea Martinez Urruzola2091h01'42"
3 Flag of Italy.svg Emanuela Scilla Tonetti2594h45'59"
Male 2014
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Franco Collé171h49'10"
2 Flag of the United States.svg Hollon Nickademus276h29'38"
3 Flag of France.svg Guillon Antoine379h02'29"
Female 2014
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of France.svg Émilie Lecomte985h53'14"
2 Flag of Italy.svg Lisa Borzani2294h43'46"
3 Flag of Switzerland.svg Denise Zimmermann3298h27'16"
Male 2015
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of France.svg Patrick Bohard180h20'35"
2 Flag of Italy.svg Gianluca Galeati280h44'34"
3 Flag of France.svg Christophe Le Saux381h19'25"
Female 2015
#RunnerOverall placeTimeArrive base
1 Flag of Switzerland.svg Denise Zimmermann979h12'35"Ollomont Out
2 Flag of Italy.svg Lisa Borzani2280h16'24"Ollomont Out
3 Flag of Italy.svg Marina Plavan3285h55'00"Ollomont In
Male 2016
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Oliviero Bosatelli175h10'22"
2 Flag of Spain.svg Oscar Perez Lopez281h14'50"
3 Flag of Spain.svg Pablo Criado Toca383h40'10"
Female 2016
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Lisa Borzani791h09'44"
2 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Stephanie Case1498h15'27"
3 Flag of France.svg Maria Semerjian19100h18'42"
Male 2017
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Spain.svg Javier Dominguez-Ledo167h52'
2 Flag of Italy.svg Oliviero Bosatelli269h16'
3 Flag of Italy.svg Andrea Macchi374h51'
Female 2017
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Lisa Borzani1189h40'
2 Flag of Spain.svg Silvia Trigueros-Garrote2397h43'
3 Flag of Italy.svg Marina Plavan46106h29'
Male 2018
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Italy.svg Franco Colle174h03'
2 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Galen Reynolds274h40'
3 Flag of Italy.svg Peter Kienzl377h31'
Female 2018
#RunnerOverall placeTime
1 Flag of Spain.svg Silvia Trigueros-Garrote1287h50'
2 Flag of Italy.svg Emanuela-Scilla Tonetti2595h54'
2 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Jamie Aarons2595h54'


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