Tore Edman

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Tore Edman
Medal record
Men's ski jumping
Representing Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
World Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 1927 Cortina d'Ampezzo Individual large hill

Tore Edman (July 25, 1904 June 16, 1995) was a Swedish ski jumper who competed in the 1920s. He won a gold medal in the individual large hill at the 1927 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Cortina d'Ampezzo. He was born in Arvika.

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Edman degradation, developed by Pehr Edman, is a method of sequencing amino acids in a peptide. In this method, the amino-terminal residue is labeled and cleaved from the peptide without disrupting the peptide bonds between other amino acid residues.

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Erik Kenneth Edman is a Swedish former footballer who played as a defender. His last club was Helsingborgs IF in Allsvenskan.

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Habo IF is a sports club in Habo in Sweden, established on 26 April 1926, now only playing association football. The men's bandy team, which has played in the Swedish second division, played the qualifying rounds for the Swedish top division three times during the 1940s. In 1944, the bandy team lost 3–6 against IFK Nässjö in the qualifying rounds. The bandy section was disestablished in 1998. The club has also competed in athletics, table tennis, cycling, racewalking, Nordic skiing, orienteering and gymnastics. It is the mother club of Erik Edman and Zlatan Muslimović.

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