Toribio Terán

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Toribio Terán Prado was the acting 22nd President (then called Supreme Director) of Nicaragua from 1 January to March 1849.

President of Nicaragua head of state and head of government of Nicaragua

The President of Nicaragua officially known as the President of the Republic of Nicaragua is the head of state of Nicaragua. The office was created in the Constitution of 1854. From 1825 until the Constitution of 1838, the head of state of Nicaragua was styled simply as Head of State, and from 1838 to 1854 as Supreme Director.

Nicaragua Country in Central America

Nicaragua, officially the Republic of Nicaragua, is the largest country in the Central American isthmus, bordered by Honduras to the northwest, the Caribbean to the east, Costa Rica to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. Managua is the country's capital and largest city and is also the third-largest city in Central America, behind Tegucigalpa and Guatemala City. The multi-ethnic population of six million includes people of indigenous, European, African, and Asian heritage. The main language is Spanish. Indigenous tribes on the Mosquito Coast speak their own languages and English.