Torild Wardenær

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Torild Wardenær
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Torild Wardenær
Born (1951-11-30) 30 November 1951 (age 68)
Stavanger, Norway
OccupationPoet, playwright

Torild Wardenær (born 30 November 1951) is a Norwegian poet and playwright. She hails from Stavanger.

She made her literary debut 1994 with the poetry collection I pionértiden, which earned her Aschehoug's debutant prize. [1] She received the Halldis Moren Vesaas Prize in 1998. [2] She was awarded the Mads Wiel Nygaards Endowment [1] and Herman Wildenvey Poetry Award [3] in 1997. Among her later collections are Paradiseffekten (2004) and PSI (2007). [1]

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