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Torkils were a Turkic tribe of the Middle Ages, possibly of Kipchak or Oghuz origin. The Torkil were one of the tribes who formed the Chornye Klobuki, semi-nomadic tribes who fought as border guards for various princes of Kievan Rus.

Sandavágur village in Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark

Sandavágur is a city on the south coast of the Faroese island of Vágar, and has been voted the most well-kept village in the Faroes three times. And it's the most famous village in the country, and best voted traveling experience. The name Sandavágur means sandy bay and refers to the sandy beach which used to be much larger than present. From one point in Sandavágur you can get a view of all the southern islands in the Faroes. Sandavágur used to be a municipality until 1 January 2009, when it fused together with the neighbour village Miðvágur into the new Vágar municipality.

Amazonian Craton A geologic province in South America

The Amazonian Craton is a geologic province located in South America. It occupies a large portion of the central, north and eastern part of the continent. The Guiana Shield and Central Brazil Shield constitutes respectively the northern and southern exhumed parts of the craton. Between the two shields lies the Amazon Rift, a zone of weakness within the craton. Smaller cratons of Precambrian rocks south of the Amazonian Shield are the Río de la Plata Craton and the São Francisco Craton, which lies to the east.

07 Vestur Faroese association football club

07 Vestur is a Faroese football club, which was founded in 2007. It is located in Sandavágur and Sørvágur on Vágar island.

Torkil Nielsen is a former Faroese football midfielder. He is also one of the Faroe Islands' best chess players.

Reinertsen is a civil engineering, construction, and petroleum industry supply company based in Trondheim, Norway. It was established in 1946 and remains family-owned. Its CEO is Erik Reinertsen and chairman is Torkil R. Reinertsen. In 2011, Reinertsen had a revenue of €400 million and 2,100 employees. It has offices in Trondeim, Orkanger, Oslo, Bergen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Murmansk (Russia) and Szczecin (Poland).

<i>Champagnegaloppen</i> 1938 film by George Schnéevoigt

Champagnegaloppen is a 1938 Danish musical film directed by George Schnéevoigt. The film based on a musical by Hans Christian Lumbye and play by Paul Holck-Hofmann and stars Svend Methling and Valdemar Møller. It is named after the light classical piece composed by Hans Christian Lumbye, who is a character in the film.

United Nations geoscheme for Asia

The following is an alphabetical list of subregions in the United Nations geoscheme for Asia, used by the UN and maintained by the UNSD department for statistical purposes.

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is a Norwegian ministry established in 1916. It is responsible for the labour market, the working environment, pensions, welfare, social security, integration, immigration, asylum, minorities and the Sami. Since 16 December 2015 the department has been led by Anniken Hauglie.

Torkil Lauritzen was a Danish actor.

Tork or Torks may refer to:

Torquil is an Anglicised form of the Norwegian and Swedish masculine name Torkel, and the Scottish Gaelic name Torcall. The Scottish Gaelic name Torcall is a Gaelicised form of the Old Norse name Þorkell. The Scandinavian Torkel is a contracted form of the Old Norse Þorkell. This Old Norse name is made up of the two elements: Þór, meaning "Thor" the Norse god of thunder; and kell, meaning "(sacrificial) cauldron".

Thorkild may refer to:

Torkil Gudnason is a New York based fashion photographer.

Aamland or Åmland is a Norwegian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

The Tour of Faroe Islands is a road cycling race held in the Faroe Islands. The race consists of a men's, women's and juniors' competition over a prologue and four or five stages, which are for elite cyclists and shorter distances for non-elite cyclists. From 2011 to 2013, the race was changed to four stages in three days. The first edition of the Kring Føroyar tour was held in 1996 but it was not an official race; the 1997 Tour was the first official edition of the race. The race is normally held in July shortly before Ólavsøka. In 2012 the race was held from 20 July to 22 July. The last day of the race is held in Tórshavn, and the roads are closed for traffic on that day. In 2015 the race will be held from 22–26 July. For sponsor reasons the name of the tour was Statoil Kring Føroyar, and later when the Faroese company changed its name from Statoil to Effo, the tour was called Effo Kring Føroyar. In 2014 the race got a new main sponsor and the name was changed to Volvo Kring Føroyar. As of 2015, the length of the race is 430 kilometres (270 mi) for elite cyclists and 230 kilometres (140 mi) for youth and senior cyclists.

Torkil Åmland Norwegian politician

Torkil Åmland is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party. He was appointed State Secretary for Robert Eriksson in the Ministry of Labour when Solberg's cabinet was formed in October 2013.

The Reindeer Police is a special branch of the Norwegian Police Service. Established in 1949 and a subdivision of Eastern Finnmark Police District, the Reindeer Police is responsible for security, law maintenance etc. related to the Sámi reindeer herding, and is also responsible for preventing and handling environmental crime. They operate in the counties of Troms and Finnmark.

Torkil Veyhe Faroese road racing cyclist

Torkil Veyhe is a Faroese road bicycle racer, who currently rides for UCI Professional Continental team Riwal Readynez. He has also been riding for the national cycling team of the Faroe Islands at the Island Games and in 2016 he rode for the Danish national team at the Danmark Rundt and in 2017 at the European Road Championships in the men's road race. Earlier he was cycling for the DCU team Team WeBike—CK Aarhus, the Danish club Odder Cykel Klub and the Faroese club Tórshavnar Súkklufelag. In 2016 he won his first A-race in Denmark and his first UCI points. He has won gold, silver and bronze at the Island Games for the Faroe Islands.

Torkil Damhaug is a Norwegian physician and crime fiction writer.