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Torkofel (centre) as part of the Jauken Massif.
Highest point
Elevation 2,276 m (7,467 ft)
Prominence 661 m (2,169 ft) [1]
Coordinates 46°42′N13°05′E / 46.700°N 13.083°E / 46.700; 13.083 Coordinates: 46°42′N13°05′E / 46.700°N 13.083°E / 46.700; 13.083
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Location in the Alps
Location Carinthia, Austria
Parent range Gailtal Alps
First ascent 1853

Torkofel (2,276 m) is a mountain of the Gailtal Alps in Carinthia, Austria. It is the highest summit of the Jauken Group, a small limestone massif west of Reißkofel. It lies between the Drava valley to the north and the Gail valley in the south. It was first climbed in 1853 by the Johann Festin von Wald and Paul Grohmann. [2]

Gailtal Alps mountains in Austria

The Gailtal Alps, is a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps in Austria. It rises between the River Drava (Drau) and the Gail valley and through the southern part of East Tyrol. Its western group called "Lienz Dolomites", is sometimes counted as part of this range and sometimes seen as separate.

In geology, a massif is a section of a planet's crust that is demarcated by faults or flexures. In the movement of the crust, a massif tends to retain its internal structure while being displaced as a whole. The term also refers to a group of mountains formed by such a structure.

Reißkofel mountain

The Reißkofel is, at 2,371 metres above the Adriatic (7,779 ft), the highest mountain of the Gailtal Alps east of the Lienz Dolomites. It is situated in the centre of the Gailtal range, part of the Southern Limestone Alps, in the Austrian state of Carinthia.

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Trogkofel is a mountain of the Carnic Alps lying on the border of Friuli, Italy and Carinthia, Austria. It is located on the main ridge of the Carnics between the Aip Valley to the south and the Gail Valley in the north, and is the second highest mountain on the eastern ridge after Gailtaler Polinik. The mountain is known as Crete Rosse, meaning Red Rocky Mountain in Friuli.

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Vallüla is a mountain of the Silvretta Alps on the border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg, Austria. It is located above the Bielerhöhe pass, from where most climbs start from.

Latschur mountain in Austria

Latschur, at 2,236 m (7,336 ft), is the highest mountain of the Latschur Group in the Gailtal Alps range, in the Austrian state of Carinthia.

Sonnjoch mountain

Sonnjoch is a mountain of the Karwendel range in the Northern Limestone Alps in Tyrol, Austria. It lies between the Falzthurntal valley, near the village of Pertisau, in the east and the Eng Valley to the west. It is a prominent mountain, which dominates the valleys below it, and appears to rise vertically above Falzthurntal. Another spectacular viewpoint is from Achen Lake. It is a popular hiking peak, with a relatively easy route, so it can get busy in summer.


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